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Best Nasuverse father

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well, Tokiomi didn't seem surprised at all when he saw Kariya vomiting up worms and stuff so clearly he knew something about Matou magecraft and that it's probably fucked up
He basically said himself that he thought Kariya being fucked up was because he was trying to suddenly become a magus out of greed for the grail after a lifetime of being a normal dude with no training. Like "wow you really want the grail this much that you'd do this to yourself? What a piece of shit"

and do we know that Tokiomi would have cared about worm rape if he thought it would make Sakura into a "super rad magus lol"? he seems kind of amoral to me
There's a whole chapter of the novel where it goes on about how Tokiomi was horrified that one of his kids was probably doomed to be in mortal danger due to not being the heir of a family, and how the Matous were a godsend because they prevented that, but he still felt guilt over the girls not having a choice to become magi or not. The entire irony of the situation is that he tried to protect her from terrible shit happening to her but inadvertently led to terrrible shit happening to her. So yes he'd probably care.