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The life of a Ki User

Another birthday, Another year older. And my current progress.

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I'm 29 today. God, I feel old.
Decent loot, though, but I was hoping for money too. Meh, ah well.
Still, got the bulk of the books I wanted, which is really nice.
As for my writing, I'm stuck with writer's block on Laharl's Epilogue for Arcueid's Grail War. Unfortunately, it's just not coming easily for me. I'll work on it when I can, though, for all my loyal, faithful readers.
Also, Mike, for when you read this? Yeah, I know you're disappointed with the last chapter. I'll probably do an Omake on the wedding later, when I don't have writer's block bugging me. Flesh out more of what happened.


  1. Kieran's Avatar
    Sorry I missed it - Happy Birthday.

    And all I can think of to say comprises two things: first, if you think you feel old now, wait 'til you're on the other side of thirty . . . And second, you can blame your writer's block on me - I'm obviously subconsciously causing it so I can focus more on my exam next weekend.
  2. Spinach's Avatar
    Passing through~

    Happy birthday~

    Also, writer's block is no fun.

    Disappearing now~
  3. kuniKaiRoe's Avatar
    Hatsuki: Ha~ppy birth~day~
    Our present to you is the solace that Melissa is killed off for real. The OC count is down by one now.
    We'll wait patiently for that update~
  4. Mike1984's Avatar
    Well, honestly, I was just somewhat disappointed at the lack of interaction between Rin and Sakura, even at Rin's own wedding. One thing that I always like to see is Rin and Sakura acting like the loving sisters that they really are, rather than distant strangers. They clearly do care for each other, deeply, particularly Rin towards Sakura (apprently, Rin's profile in one of the character material books has Sakura listed as "precious little sister"), and I always find how they were seperated and forced to act so distant towards one another very sad, so I always like seeing them get past that.
  5. Elf's Avatar
    Happy Birthday, man!
  6. RanmaBushiko's Avatar
    Thanks, everyone. And yeah, I had a pretty decent one. And Mike, yeah, I'll cover that in an Omake. Just been busy trying to get over the hump that was Laharl's Epilogue. Been too busy to play through any of the games as a refresher.