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Fate/Lost Einherjar - just a brief read

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I finally got the full novel and since I know that I'll be translating it for myself while reading anyway, I thought I'd also share what I translated. I'm publishing it as a blog so it's easier to delete later if I screw something up. Do keep in mind that I'm an amateur though.

First 4 pages of chapter 1
Chapter 1: A subspecific Holy Grail War

【Observation Target/Change】
【Compilation Continuum Restoration/Observation Continuation/21st Century】
【Norway/Oslo City/Bjørvika】

The Sedan cars dominated the streets at dusk.
The sound that echoed through the air was not the voices of people or the neighing of livestock, but the sound of the engines of steel cars passing by.

──Is this the sound of the world a thousand years in the future?

Ragnar Lodbrok nodded inwardly while walking through the Oslo city at dusk.

He felt neither excitement nor shock, simply quietly recognizing reality.

With his most precious princess by his side, everything else was of equal worth.

If he looked to his right, he would see a beautiful silver hair swaying.

The silver girl, Aslaug.

Just like how he was assigned the Berserker class, she had also been summoned with the Archer spirit origin. According to the story he had heard beforehand, they both were Servants who had materialized by transcending time and not the proper residents of this era.


His whisper was drawn out by the sound of the engine.

Recognizing Oslo's traffic light with two red lights lined up vertically, Ragnar stopped walking.

The girl also stood still.

Standing in front of the pedestrian crossing were a big man over 2 meters tall and a rather petite girl.

Was the man, who was carrying a guitar case with easy and wearing a leather jacket over his burly large frame perhaps a bandsman of a metal band?
Could the girl, who was wearing a shiny black one-piece dress during a Scandinavian winter be a student of Oslo?

Nay. That would be wrong. The true identities of the two walking with a subtle distance between them are the Viking King and Queen celebrated in the legends, the last einherjar and the last Valkyrie──


The two red lights went out from the traffic light and a single green light lit up.

Ragnar started walking like the people around him.

He was still vigilant. He was on a patrol duty, not on a secret date.

The bay, dyed with the evening light, was not a romantic dating spot, but rather an extraordinary battlefield.

The silver girl was a little slow.

Ragnar quietly slowed down and lined up next to her.

The girl's eyes sparkled with curiosity. Her green gaze was drawn in by the showcases of boutiques along the street. Her shapely eyebrows rose and dropped in response to her astonishment towards the modern scenery in front of her. I see. The girl must have been observing Oslo for several hours like this while walking through the city. It was not a commendable behavior for a Servant who served a Master, but-

--- It's not surprising.

Ragnar thought while holding a cigarette in his mouth.

The streets of modern cities were quite unusual for them, who were guests from the past.

It was not just the lack of their kind and the overall peace that drew their eyes.

Modern constructions built with materials that were neither wood nor stone, roads that were cobblestone nor dirt, clothes that weren't made of fur or thread, automatic cars that ran on its own without a horse, a traffic light that glowed without the heat of the fire. A foldable phone that was said to enable remote conversations. And, iPod nano.

All those were strange, bizarre.
Yet, for some reason, they were familiar.

In Ragnar's case, for example, he felt strongly that even if everything he saw was bizarre, if he was on a Nordic land overlooking the fjord it was not much different from the past and if the cold air breathed in was the same, it didn't really matter.

This familiarity wasn't just limited to his senses.
The same went for the silver girl walking next to him.


Without a word, he glanced sideways at the girl's appearance.

She had the supreme treasure of beauty from the age of the Gods.
Her silver hair and jasper eyes glittered in the sunset.
Even the passage of time was powerless in front of this girl, who had the blood of gods, humans and dragons inside her.

She would definitely get people's attention.
At least Ragnar believed so.
However, the silver girl was---
fitting in the modern Oslo city.

There's a good looking young woman. That was the current level of her acknowledgement at best.

── Is there anybody who could take their eyes off my princess?
── In that case, there's definitely some Mystery involved.

In all probability, something was stopping others from perceiving jer . There was no doubt about it.
Was it her passive ability as a Servant? or was a battle maiden like her a natural sight for Norsemen even a thousand years in the future?

Or was it, after all, a kind a protection?

"Is this your work, Odin?"