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Grand saber

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"Did you know that there are three types of swordsmen, those who fight through overwhelming skill, those who fight through overwhelming strength and those who fight through overwhelming divinity"

The title of grand saber is relegated to those swordsmen who are so famous that they embody the very archetype of what a swordsman could be. There are three types of swordsmen, the lone master, the cunning hero and the holy king. Those off course correlate to miyamoto musashi, hercules and king arthur. A requirement for grand saber is possessing eye of the mind (true) at EX rank and to exist at the level of a god despite being born human.

Miyamoto musashi represents the lone master. The ultimate swordsman. Not a single step or move is wasted, not a single breath is let out, he moves with such skill that it would make the gods envious, with so little effort it doesn't appear he is fighting at all. He wandered the land learning and mastering as many styles of swordsmanship as possible. The goal of his swordsmanship was to become the ultimate swordsman but a true swordsman must be empty inside and only focus on his goal. To gain this emptiness he constructed a mask around him to prevent himself from getting attached. He has essentially refined his existence through training to be on the level of a god.

Hercules is the other end of the spectrum. He is the swordsman in his form as the hero. He doesn't possess the skill of the lone master but his strength, endurance, cunning and willpower more than make up. This form of hercules relates to his nature as the most famous greek hero. His will drives him to keep moving forward even when he should logically die, he gains nine lives and god hand gains a new form. He is also strongest when protecting something, be it the world, innocents, a memory or a certain little girl.

King arthur represents the swordsman as the holy knight. King arthur is essentially a messiah figure for the people of britain and the english people. This is king arthur in his form as the saver who returns in britains darkest hour. He accesses excalibur's full power as the sword which slayed sefar and saved the world, Turns avalon into a shield to protect the people that are his subjects and can summon the other knights of the round combined with angels.