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Tsukihime thoughts (Arc route)

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These feelings of disgust and revulsion @ FGO aren't really dying down, so I'm reading Tsukihime in the hopes that it doesn't take root. I'm using the SA LP for ease of access, hence the occasional references to "part [X]". I will probably update this as I go rather than making new entries. Blog posts for each route; this could get long depending on how much time Shiki devotes to his anorexic woman act.

- This must have slapped for anyone who had no idea what they were in for. It's fun to read this through that imaginary person's eyes.
- Sacchin not having a route is already hitting hard.
- I fell asleep during part 6. This is a good thing. The story is relaxing and sort of dreamy.

- I... the LPer keeps insisting Akiha's hair is not black. What the hell is going on? Am I colourblind? Are they colourblind ? What kind of colourblindness is this? Do they think the lighting makes her hair look slightly grey? I'm so confused and distracted.
- I'm wondering why the Arima family apparently wasn't informed of Makihisa's death. I guess if they were, and just decided not to tell Shiki, I'll find out.
- Shiki is no Shirou, I see.
- Ahhh... the tv man.
- "Now that she mentions it, they do look alike." damn lol
- Does a great job dumping you in the middle of this really uncomfortable master-servant relationship. I'm not having a good time.
- Are any of you familiar with the people for whom law enforcement incompetence is so terrifying, that's it's more psychologically comforting for them to believe that all serial killers are government psyops for the purpose of terrifying the populace? They seem divided into "the victims are real" and "they're all secret Jews who relocate afterwards to South America, or assume the identities of their """relatives""" who never really existed" camps. Anyway.
- I see Kohaku is a murderino.

- A thought I had while I was away: I'll be interested in learning if they ever gave Shiki an excuse for why he doesn't take medicine for his "anaemia". I'll also be interested in learning whether they update that excuse in the remake, since anyone can just talk to Dr Google on their phone now.
- For a guy who thinks he has anaemia, he doesn't seem to put much effort into basic self-maintenance.
- Also, this comes to mind. "Look at me, I'm prone to skipping multiple meals and collapsing!" shut up bitch
- He's going to have a bullshit anorexic anime weight and for once it will have been earned
- "Shiki Tohno is 169cm and weighs 57kg" yeah I can see why
- The most unrealistic aspect of Tsukihime this far is Shiki not giving a shit about his gains
- This is probably what it's actually like inside this type of person's mind. >"I'm not attention-seeking!" >does the most attention-seeking thing imaginable
- holy shittttttttttt
- "oh don't put yourself out on MY account" (troubles everyone even more) Shiki are you perhaps an elderly grandmother
- "I do everything the doctor says" fire him

- Shiki's kind of simple, huh

- Akiha must be out of her mind by now.
- I wonder how this is handled in the remake. He calls? Doesn't call? Doesn't have the phone number for the residence or her mobile number? No phones?
- Ah... hotel terrorism... I'm familiar with this...

- As a blood enjoyer, it wounds me whenever the pictures don't match the description. "Arc's badly hurt!" (me, sadly) no she's not
- I'd like to read a short story where Arc's assumption was correct and Shiki actually was a serial killer she decided to team up with
- Hahahaha. The packing tape incident became pretty funny once I saw the visual. That's something all right.
- This is making me feel sleepy again, even though I'm sitting upright in a lounge chair. This is dangerous...
- These powerlevels seem incredibly quaint in 2023
- I like how "can [X] kill servants?" is the most meaningless question in the world now that we have enough thoroughly unremarkable servants
- I presume the reasoning behind the Shikis is something to do with servants not having lines of death? That's just a guess.
- Because otherwise I'm supposed to believe that Nero is leagues below all servants
- And I'm not sure if there's a reason why half of any given cast wouldn't be able to nuke, say, Mata Hari, in the method of their choosing
- I'm just thinking about this because of Shiki's superhuman speed, not knowing if there's a reason or if it's just one of those "please just go with it" things.
- There was this online rpg I played as a child. I believe it was called Adventure Quest. Some of the art is giving me flashbacks to it.
- Kohaku taking Shiki's clothes off at every opportunity is getting painful, but I suppose it's to be expected.
- Hisui is also an uncomfortable experience
- Tsukihime has been an education. Despite my wife being a meido type, it turns out I actually hate maids.
- The Tohno household scenes are becoming unenjoyable (personal opinion)
- Was I having fun when we were fighting Nero? No, but I was set firmly on neutral and that is preferable.
- You think I'd be in paradise right now. I love larpers. But apparently not these kinds.
- My thoughts on Arc are that she is fine. Neither good nor bad. The perfect middle. I hope I become more engaged. I'm interested in seeing how the romance develops and hoping it hits for me.
- I'm really hoping Ciel hits the larping bullseye and I really like her route.
- This is the most I've ever related to Shiki.
- So, Shiki's rape is definitely just a dream, right. I'm pretty sure. 99.9% sure. But a complete and total lack of ambiguity would be best.
- Is Hisui a perverted autist or just an autist?
- Also I heard the key to when the twins switch is in their eyes, but do we have to pay attention to their actions and words as well?
- I guess it would make sense if the twin hung up on seeing Shiki naked had switched places with one who isn't. In addition to the cooking line.
- Like Shiki, I too want out of this house.

- Hey so does the Kohakufied Hisui show up after every dream? Or just the one with Kohaku?
- I wish I could share this let's player's revulsion at Shiki, but. You know. Most our normal reactions to otaku shit have been hollowed out of us by this point. I do wonder if anime was less weird about siblings in 2007 when this apparently began, though.
- I find out Prigozhin is dead via this tweet

- "-sending you a succubus dream familiar as thanks for killing Nrvnsqr." oh okay thank god. I think.
- Have to admit that I, fool that I am, would have also picked "well I guess it's Akiha knocking at my door! That makes the most sense!"
- Man, this is all kind of weird.
- Although I keep entertaining the idea of writing something that's human x humanoid set in the Nasuverse, so I'm constantly comparing/contrasting the theoretical plot beats of what that relationship would look like, because it's mostly all contrast, and that's interesting to think about in its own right.
- Tsukihime is slowly filling me with this sense of "oh, thank god. nothing I'm doing is as weird as I feared it was." and that's good.
- I want to know if they did Arc being mad because Shiki didn't like the dream in the anime.

-The Japanese have a really unintuitive definition of what an atheist country is.
- Like, this isn't the first time I've seen this brought up; I remember the Fire Force mangaka laying this charge at Japan's feet when he was having one of his many tantrums about how everyone but him is a godless NPC.
- "Her word choice is too unique and I can't really grasp what she's saying." yeah me too, Shiki
- It looks like he drew on his abs with magic marker

- Freedom
- Ah, never mind. And sleeping in on your day off is a terrible sin, it seems.
- Will I ever learn to like the Tohno household
- I know Nasu said he gave the Tohno household "guests" in the remake in order to fuck with the vibes, but. well.
- For that matter, how can anyone normal enjoy being waited on if it isn't explicitly your fetish?
- The maids being freaks just throws fuel on the fire of "I hate this, I hate this"
- "Hisui's too weird to blink after being talked to normally by Shiki, isn't that just precious?" I'm going to kill myself.
- Okay, so now I know you can't just rely on the eyes to tell when they've switched ("Hisui" doing the cooking before only to now be like "oh, I NEVER cook")
- I guess the hypnosis is the reason why Shiki doesn't notice "he" wrote his name two completely different ways?
- It would be extremely funny if it turned out the reason Shiki passes out all the time is because he barely sleeps and barely eats
- I need this in a LN, honestly… there's magic, and the protag is cursed or whatever, but the punchline is that was never the reason he collapses all the time, it's because he lives identically to an anorexic.
- oh jesus christ his ED attention-seeking bullshit is insufferable
- I thought they would ease up on this garbage once the plot started and we had more important things to worry about, and instead we're getting OH, DON'T WORRY ABOUT ~ME~, I USED TO COLLAPSE ~TWICE A DAY~ IN MIDDLE SCHOOL, I CAN KEEP GOING JUST FINE~~~
- I sincerely wish Akiha had the Bella Hadid tweet in her arsenal, she needed it. Shiki needed to be mocked and belittled into submission via the cruelest method of all: being told he's acting like an annoying mentally ill girl.
- I'm curious as to how annoying Shiki would have been if the LP had picked "no, I have to ~push~ myself to see Arcueid". The way it's worded on its own is incredibly unpromising.
- "No, tell Kohaku-san I'm sorry, but I don't think I can eat right now." oh of course you can't
- The LPer not being sure about the no shoes inside the house thing is such a quaint artifact of a less connected time
- Shiki is such a battered wife
- It's kind of sad how Shiki doesn't even question the fact that the twins don't go to school
- Or that he's being waited on by teens in the first place
- "It's an image problem. That small mouth of yours isn't fit to eat fast food." hahaha what the fuck
- I'm glad Arc ignores him lol
- Shiki: I really don't know what I'm doing at all.
- LPer: Being a rude prick. Don't worry, it suits you.

- So I'm on the definitely not BL wiki to read the script the LP doesn't cover, and I'm glad Arc points out Shiki's being a dumb little weirdo wrt how he treats his body.
- When Shiki goes to school instead of dating Arc, he skips breakfast after having skipped dinner, and skips lunch for good measure. Wonders why he feels so terrible. Of course.
- The back alley date option is honestly funny. I smiled.
- "Cold things aren't good for the body, so we should just pass it up for now." Shiki finally gives a shit about what he's doing to his body and it's to fret that OH, WE CAN'T POSSIBLY HAVE ICE CREAM, THAT'S BAD FOR YOU my jaw is on the floor. he is NEVER beating the ED allegations holy shit I can't believe this is real.
- This is especially insane in the context of Shiki having not eaten in over 24 hours by now
- "I don't think eating ice cream in the fall would be good at all." I really can't get over him applying this to Arc of all people. Arc. like. can somebody take me aside and explain why it's actually really Normal to get police the diet of an immortal. I am dying to know how other people read this scene.
- Backtracking a bit: I'm confused. If you force yourself to see Arc when you wake up after having collapsed, Shiki says:

"―― Arcueid. I don't quite understand, but those exorcists hunt vampires, right? Then aren't you their target too?"
I ask her that because I'm a little worried.

"Eh---? Of course not. They are only natural enemies of the Dead Apostles. We don't fundamentally mess with each other, so there cannot even be a fight.

But if you go to sleep, when you go on the date she says:

"----That won't work. For them, it's enough that someone is a vampire.
To them, non-human primates are just "Evil". It doesn't matter if they suck blood or not.
This exorcist may have even come here just to seal me rather than fight the vampire who lives in this city."

- I'm kind of surprised the rape went on for as long as it did before the game gives you the option not to rape.
- I'm also surprised there's no ripped clothes sprites
- The mental image of The Dead gumming Shiki's neck is very funny.
- I've only read three thus far, but my impression of Nasu's sex scenes is that they are… fine. Not erotic, but y'know. It's whatever. The way he writes tonguing is a bit goofy. Maybe my opinion will change the more I encounter.
- I'll switch to the browser version of Tsukihime after I'm done with Arc's route

- Now that the bandages are gone, it just looks like Roa’s contoured his muscles
- That was a bit anticlimactic.

Status: Completed

Final Thoughts: Informative. I'm looking forward to Ciel's route, since she's the one I know the least about. Anything further than that is not for you (yet). You can draw conclusions about my feelings when I write extremely tangential fanfiction about it.

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