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Fate/Grand Order Story and Lore (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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The Grand Orders are 72 special challenges given to Solomon's 72 Western magecraft disciples, with a guarantee that they'll be able to reach the Fount if they solve this super riddle. And the Pillars are 72 demons used as the base for the original 72 Magic Crests.

Anyone stated to be a direct Solomon disciple or descendant has a Pillar.
Anyone stated to have a Grand Order has a Pillar.
Anyone stated to have a Pillar has a Pillar.

Combining these three conditions, our pillar list goes as:
Family Grand Order Demon
1 Brishsan Unknown Unknown (Raum?)
2 Kischur Unknown but mastering parallel words was what it took to clear it Unknown
3 Eulyphis Determine the difference between the first and the last spirit Unknown
4 Animusphere Ensure the continuation of Human Order Unknown
5 Zolgen Unknown Barbatos
6 Mozart Unknown Amdusias
7 Lainur Unknown Flauros
8 Lainur (unconfirmed) Unknown Uvall
9 Lainur (unconfirmed) Unknown Gusion
10-72 Unknown Unknown The rest