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TYPE-MOON Ace vol. 15

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True, but if I were introducing someone to the series, I donít think Iíd have them follow that order. I did, and I had to rewatch the first few films to understand how everything fit together. Iíve tried rewatching them in the timeline order, and I feel like it works much better.
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No, what Iím saying is the original order was likely chosen in part to draw in readers, as there doesnít appear to be any special reason for it, unless thereís something specific to the novels that Iím missing out on.
Let me blow your mind

Start with the chronological order of the 4 Knk stories that are out of order


Then draw a line connecting the release order (how you should be reading it):


Where does Hollow Shrine lead, Araya?
That's obvious, to #5 which should have been the last story, Paradox Spiral.