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Horizon of Strange Stars: Cosmic Dump

Galileo Galilei (Archer) drawing

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So I found myself with some time to draw a Servant for Horizon Gate 4 yesterday and decided to draw Galileo Galilei (Archer). With that, I have the mojo to start drawing the other Servants of the Oracle Kingdom. Horizon Gate have some Servants I'm really excited to draw. I couldn't figure out a hairstyle that fit the image of Galileo I had in mind so I spent some time looking at drawings of astromancers and old wizards on pinterest to get a feel for what I wanted out of his design. The main design inspiration here ended up being the Yu Gi Oh card Endymion, Magistus of Mastery. I decided to use a Pen brush instead of my usual watercolor brushes this time and based his pose off of Chen Gong.

Also yeh, he's an Archer cuz his Telescope kinda looks like a gun, get it
I originally planned him to be a Caster but Horizon Gate 4 already has so many Casters


  1. TrueMrMultiverse's Avatar
    Nice to see this new Servant, very nice art and can see the Magistus inspiration in the shoulders.