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Fate/Samurai Remnant

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since we have no idea from the legend, Me really curious 'bout who is the Demon Rogue Saber is hunting
Rogue Saber profile
A Servant without a Master. True Name: Kiso no Yoshinaka. A warrior in white raising opposition against Rider Minamoto no Raikou/Ushi Gozen.

Immediately after his summon, he recognized Rider's evil oni presence and relentlessly jumped in to purge it. Although he was unaware of the connection, both of them are related to the extended Minamoto clan.

His incarnation in this game's story, he can't see a warrior lady eye-to-eye, but warrior ladies had a major presence in his life. His dear wife was none other than Tomoe Gozen, the 3rd Heroic Spirit Swordmaster fighting in the Seven Duels of the Heroic Spirit Swordmasters.

Tomoe Gozen was a woman born with the supernatural powers of a non-human species... an oni. Perhaps his reason to pursue to Rider was less about his insticts as a fellow Genji warrior and more for the purpose of better understanding non-humans.