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Fate/Samurai Remnant

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Saber profile
One of Fate/Samurai Remnant's protagonists. True Name: Yamato Takeru. Class: Saber. Iori's buddy.

A combat genius. Far beyond human limitations. Their battle prowess trumps monstrous yokai, exterminates human armies, and sometimes challenges deities in single combat. Even Iori, who lived in times of war, sees them as a warrior someone beyond reach.

Their fascination with rice is because they interpret agriculture as a laudable symbol of peace. Takeru derives joy from the existence of delicious rice and possibly also feels the metaphorical presence of their dearly beloved Otachibanahime.

At first, they regarded Iori as a powerless weakling and made it clear that they needed no Master's help... Play the game's story mode to find out how their shared days of conflict changed their opinion of Iori.

Their trump card is an always concealed Noble Phantasm, in a style following the example of Saber Arthuria in the original Fate/stay night. Arthuria hid her blade with the wind of her Invisible Air Noble Phantasm, while Takeru hides their blade with the water of their Suijin Noble Phantasm and adds an extra layer of concealment by morphing it into a serpentine shape.

On an unrelated note, most people who meet Takeru assume they're a woman, and since Takeru never corrects them on that, their gender is never commented on in this game.

Caster profile
The Servant summoned by Tsuchimikado Yasuhiro. His Class is Caster but he calls himself Recorder instead. True Name: Hieda no Are.

A very peculiar Servant, marked by his nitpicky, unreasonable, and obstinate impression. Since he's not an author, he's very insistent that his writings should be called "records" rather than "literature". For that reason, his wish for the Waxing Moon Ritual is that all records in the world are perfectly preserved in their most accurate form. Because that would mean confirming that Hieda no Are truly existed. (Note: "accurate" here means what Are personally considers accurate.)

As a Caster, he cannot use advanced magecraft, and his Territory Creation and Item Construction are his weaker skills. Consider him the kind of Servant that overcomes oppositions only on the strength of his Noble Phantasm, if even that. And considering how difficult to use his Noble Phantasm is, he's overall a tool that only shines in niche situations.