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Fate/Samurai Remnant

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It was originally linked with the ancient legend of the serpent-slaying blade from the "Records of the Grand Historian."
Big Japan and Chinese myth linking wow.

They are connecting the Kusanagi to Liu Bang's Crimson Blade that he claimed to have obtained from a Xian. I'm guessing they are going with the crimson dragon (Liu Bang) vs white dragon (Qin Shi Huang) just like how it went in Britain with these crimson vs white, and also crimson dragon (Kintoki) vs white dragon (Orochi/Ibuki).

To summarize the myth being mentioned here, Liu Bang used the blade to slay a white snake. Most stories only gloss over it, usually to show that he has emperor traits, but in some more detailed telling, he claimed that the white snake is an essence of QSH the white dragon while he is the crimson dragon. He basically conquered the land as a farmer, with the sword.

Later on in other eras, the vault holding the sword (it was a treasure of the Han dynasty like the Kusanagi for the Imperial Japanese house) burnt to ash, but the sword did not get damaged, instead it flies back into the sky, presumably returned to the Xians who gave it out in the first place. Coincidentally Amaterasu is based on Xihe the sun goddess, who is also a Fox xian in Typemoon.