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[FGO JP Event] Grail Front: White-sky Castle, Black-night Castle

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The guy that embodies Koujiro has actuall proper lore to him?
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Insofar as "his real name is Tsuda" is lore, yeah.
Honestly, Tsuda has a lot of backstory scattered around places. Even just tiny details like him going by the name Tsuda or how we know he's from Fuyuki because the Ryuudou Temple is a catalyst for him.

There's Nasu getting asked about his origins in UBW Blu-Ray Q&A. He was just a farmer kid who felt out of place in the normal life of his village, until he met a retired Sword Saint hiding in the mountains and went to live with him. Since he saw the Sword Saint's beautiful dance with the blade, he could no longer get it off his mind and became an apprentice on the very next, but the Sword Saint died on the next month, so Tsuda got to keep his katana and had to find his own irregular but genuine way to master the sword. The catch here is all the Sword Saint did was talk to him about art and poetry so he could learn how to be a refined swordsman. He taught nothing about swordsmanship proper.

That then connects to the original Fsn backstory that he kept attempting to cut a swallow mid-flight, but only managed to when he was about to die. So he perfected his style but never got a chance to duel. Then he gets summoned to his hometown's Grail War for his wish for a high level competition against someone powerful. Depending on route, either Saber fulfills him or he dies again still a duel virgin.

Then Shimousa plays on the classic backstory by having Amakusa find the dying Kojirou, use sorcery to restore his youth, and hire him as body guard. This gives a more epic and thematic way to lose his duel virginity, in a climatic battle between a Musashi who isn't the Musashi vs a Kojirou who isn't the Kojirou.

And then Samurai Remnant makes everything weird. I'm still pretty lost on what's going on with this one.

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Fascinating, what discord server is this?