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Garden of the God of Failed Work

The Dreamers' Waiting Room

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You step into a starry plain after bidding farewell to Tom and friends (read: Noble Phantasm), sweeping through a flowing nothingness.
"Good day." A man with a bowl cut, glasses, and a lab coat beckons you to sit down.

"Who're you?" You call out. The man seeks to answer, but eventually decides to leave it to the depths of your imagination.
You realise you're not alone. Spirits seem to appear from the walls (walls?), the skies ebb and flow.
The spirits reveal themselves to you.

Upcoming Servants:

The Dragon Mistress of the Night Sky

The King of Nothingness, What the Hollow Birthed

The Cocoon Behind The Prince

Beyond the Rainbow Plains

The Fox, The Tortoise, and the Frog

Lynchpin in the Center of the Heavens

The Descending Thunder

The Fire God and the Fun-Loving Girl

Orchestrator of the Final Judgement

Man of the Wastelands

In The Depths of Forgetting

Sinner of the Long Knife

"From the Earth. To the Skies, Then the Cosmos, And Beyond."

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