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Made using Picrew:


Class: Rider

True Name: Bellerophon

Gender: Male

Source: Greek Mythology

Region: Corinth

Alignment: Neutral Good

Height: 6’1

Weight: 177lbs

Voice Claim: Masakazu Morita

Strength: C
Endurance: C
Agility: B
Mana: C
Noble Phantasm: A++
Luck: E

Class Skills

Riding EX
An interesting version of the Riding Skill. Whereas typically when Riding Skill rises in rank, it translates into the ability to ride more things, Bellerophon’s Riding skill represents the ability to ride a singular creature to absolute perfection.Pegasus is typically a kind creature, who typically needs to Noble Phantasm [Bellerophon: Brindle of Chivalry] to rouse its fighting spirit. The man who bears the Noble Phantasm’s name can rouse Pegasus’ fighting spirit entirely on his own, and instead uses the brindle to increase the sync between rider and mount from 95% to 100%.

Magic Resistance C
Bellerophon’s magic resistance makes him immune to magecraft with a chant of less than two verses. Any magecraft that is weaker than Greater Magecraft or Greater Rituals will not work on him.

Personal Skills

Divinity D
Bellerophon is the son of Poseidon, but the arrogance he shows in regards to the Gods forced the rank of Bellerophon’s Divinity into a paltry D Rank. If brought up to Bellerophon, he’ll laugh it off and make a wisecrack about if this is supposed to be punishment for his arrogance, “It’s a damn shitty one.”

Tactics B+ (Anti-Monster)
There were two critical factors in the defeat of the Greater Chimera; Pegasus and Bellerophon’s clever strategy to turn the beast's own fire breath against it. Bellerophon’s ability to create strategies suited to beat his opponents handily increases against beast-like or monstrous opponents.

Bravery B+

A skill representing Bellerophon’s unshakeable faith in he and Pegasus’ ability. They faced down multiple challenges without hesitating, and only failed once. It makes Bellerophon immune to mental interference, and increases his melee damage.

Charisma D-
Bellerophon was never a leader of people, fighting solely alongside Pegasus in most instances. However, Bellerophon always had an undeniable charm to him, his self-confidence and charming nature convincing people to admire him, to give him second chances, to place their faith in him. So while its rank may be low, it is nonetheless effective in its own way.

Noble Phantasms

[Bellerophon Kometes: May We Fly Ever Higher]
Rank: A+ -> A++

Classification: Anti-Self - Anti-Army
A Noble Phantasm that can be used in two ways. The basic use of Bellerophon Kometes is the “basic” use of the Noble Phantasm, mimicking the effects of [Bellerophon: Brindle of Chivalry] - a powerful attack wherein the user and Pegasus dives towards the opponent and deals massive damage.

The true form of Bellerophon Kometes, however, is an enhanced version of that dive. It transforms the concept of “Bellerophon’s Hubris” into an attack, weaponizing the very thing that ended the hero’s life. Rider and Mount turn into a shooting star of pure fire, crashing into the opponent with force far surpassing the original form of the dive, as it becomes an attack that damages not only the “form” of the target, but the “spirit” as well. However, this enhanced power comes at a cost, as Bellerophon will die once the Noble Phantasm is used, leaving behind only Pegasus, who is likely to choose to fade away with his master.


An arrogant hotshot who thinks he can handle any problem thrown his way and that he’ll always win. Bellerophon believes that the best solution to every problem is to face it head on and with gusto. Strategy is fine, but one should never allow themselves to be constrained by that.
Rather than being a “reliable” big brother type, Bellerophon could be described as an “admirable” big brother type, whose extreme confidence and daring causes those he takes under his wing to believe in him as strongly as he believes in himself, and to believe in themselves just as much.
Bellerophon has something of a dislike for the Gods, citing their distance in regards to the mortals they rule over.

Motive and Attitude towards Master

Bellerophon views his master as a follower or a little brother, depending on the Master. He views them as someone that should be able to rely on him, and that he should be able to live up to their expectations, and inspire them to reach ever greater heights. If his master is of an underhanded nature, Bellerophon won’t be able to respect them, and his loyalty and determination to meet their expectation and inspire them will falter.
Bellerophon seeks to claim the Holy Grail because he sees the chance to battle other heroes and face new challenges to drive himself to ever greater heights. He’s admittedly not sure what he would do with the Grail once he obtained it, but he fights with overwhelming determination to reach it.

Speech Examples

“Rider Class Servant, Bellerophon. And this is my best friend, Pegasus. With us at your side, there’s no height you can’t reach!”

“There’s no limit to the heights we can reach! And if we crash and burn, we’ll pick ourselves up and do it again!”
“Make sure that you believe in yourself just as much as you believe in me, got it Master?”
“Higher! Higher! Higher and Higher we go! Let’s soar as high as we can so that even if we crash, we’ll be the most spectacular of them all! BELLEROPHON KOMETES!”

Historical Depiction

A son of Poseidon in Greek Mythology, Bellerophon began his legend when he accidentally killed his own brother, and was sent to King Proteus in order to receive purification. While there, the king’s wife attempted to seduce Bellerophon, and when he rejected her, she told the king he had tried to seduce her instead. So, King Proteus sent Bellerophon to King Iobates of Lycia with secret orders to kill him. However, by the time King Iobates discovered the orders, he had already accepted Bellerophon as his guest. Given hospitality was one of the personal realms of Zeus himself, Iobates wished to avoid personally killing Bellerophon, instead resolving to get the young man killed through a quest. So, he sent the young man to kill the vicious Great Chimera.
Bellerophon rashly accepted this quest, in spite of lacking a method to fight the best. On his way to the location, Bellerophon slept next to a spring created by Pegasus, and Athena appeared to him in a dream, giving him the bit and brindle needed to control Pegasus.
So, Bellerophon approached Pegasus and tamed the great Phantasmal Beast, and in doing so, gained a lifelong companion.
Together, Bellerophon and Pegasus defeated the Great Chimera, the Amazons, and whatever other task King Iobates set before them. Eventually, King Iobates gave up in his attempts to slay Bellerophon, reasoning that someone with Bellerophon’s success had to have the gods on their side. He made Bellerophon his heir and married him to his daughter.
However, eventually Bellerophon grew disillusioned with the gods seeing the disparity between the blessings given to some, the curses given to others, and the world in between. Seeking answers for these questions, Bellerophon attempted to fly to Olympus to confront the Olympians personally. This act of hubris led to him being struck off Pegasus, falling to his death.


Medusa (All of Them)

Bellerophon avoids Medusa. He claims it to only be natural.
“Come on. Medusa’s like, Pegasus’ mom, yeah? In all past and future, a universal constant has been that introducing your best friend your mom doesn’t approve of to her is the world’s most awkward experience. I’m not gonna put Pegasus through that!”
You wonder if Bellerophon is exaggerating, but then you notice that most of the Medusa tend to gaze at Bellerophon on a variation of suspicion to disgust, and wonder if the heroic spirit may actually be more observant than you.


The leader of the Argonauts and a hero from the generation following Bellerophon. Jason finds Bellerophon monstrously annoying, and way too loud. Bellerophon, for his part, seems to refuse to improve Jason’s opinion of him, going out of his way to be even louder around the captain.

William Shakespeare
They have a relationship that is not unlike two sitcom characters, trading barbs and getting on each other’s nerves with their mere presence, but constantly hanging out anyway.
Thus is the nature of a man who loves tragedy and a man who stubbornly denies it as his genre.

Final ThoughtsPerhaps think of him as Gingka Hagane if he were the protagonist of Gurren Lagann rather than Beyblade Metal Fight.