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Made in Picrew:
Laeg Mac Riangabra
Class: Rider/ “Grand Buddy”
Title: The King of Charioteers
Gender: Male
Source: Irish Mythology (Ulster Cycle)
Region: Europe (Ireland)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Height: 186cm
Weight 70kg
Natural Enemy: Enkidu

Strength: C+
Endurance: B
Agility: C
Mana: D
Noble Phantasm: B
Luck: E (By Association)

Class Skills

Riding A++
The most renowned Charioteer in Irish Mythology - he can operate any kind of vehicle or creature, including dragon kind.
Magic Resistance B+
While Laeg's magic resistance is not as "effective" in regards to canceling spells outright (in that respect, he only has Rank C Magic Resistance) but he possesses a borderline sixth sense for detecting magic and magecraft, and that talent allows him to avoid magic and magecraft incredibly easily.

Personal Skills

King of Charioteers A+
The idea that Laeg was the greatest charioteer in Irish legend. It allows him to perform all the functions of a charioteer perfectly. While this primarily takes the form of an exponential increase to his riding skill (he’s treated as having two “Riding A++” skills that multiply with each other) it also enables him to effectively store weapons and instantly gain a lay of the land.

Hero’s Sidekick B
The ability to effortlessly work alongside a Hero. When forming a partnership with another heroic spirit (or even a mortal being worthy of the title “hero”), Laeg gains the ability to perfectly synchronize with them. He will not be able to fight alongside them as a “partner” but he will be able to support and fight around them flawlessly. Laeg would even become able to ferry around a rampage Berserker in his chariot with ease.

Incitement (Taunting Words) C
A skill that typically serves to incite the masses with words. In Laeg’s hands, it becomes a skill that targets a specific individual, mocking them until they get worked up enough to put their all into something. This skill works best on individuals Laeg has partnered with through [Hero’s Sidekick].

Noble Phantasms
Búainid Carbat: Circuit of VictoryRank: B
Classification: Anti-Army
The scythed chariot of Cú Chulainn, pulled by the horses Liath Macha and Dub Sainglend, and driven by the King of Charioteers Laeg Mac Riangabra. A Noble Phantasm quite similar in function to [Trioas Tragodia: Tempestuous Storm Chariot] where it gains speed and power the longer it is deployed. By announcing the true name of this Noble Phantasm, Laeg can deploy a second ability of the Noble Phantasm, the “circuit of victory” - derived from the three charges Cú Chulainn and Laeg made against the Connacht army in retribution for the Boy Troop of Ulster, and the three charges Liath Macha against the conspiracy to kill Cú Chulainn after being fatally wounded.

Once activated, a “route” is selected, and Laeg must circle this route three times. Within this route, [Búainid Carbat] becomes “unstoppable”, gaining increased speed, power, and destructive ability. Not even destroying the land [Búainid Carbat] is traveling on will interrupt this rampage. During this rampage, Laeg gains the equivalent of an A-Rank [Battle Continuation] (although if he is fatally wounded during his ride, he’ll immediately die following its completion). The most effective way to stop the Circuit of Victory is to force its end by facing Laeg head on and destroying the chariot. Good luck.

Like many things about Laeg, his Noble Phantasm is stronger when partnered with another hero. If Laeg uses [Búainid Carbat] while partnered with a “hero” via [Hero’s Sidekick], the skillset of the Hero partnered with Laeg will be enhanced by Circuit of Victory’s effects, gaining all the benefits he does, as well as “custom” buffs to allow them to take the stage.

This Noble Phantasm will instantly fail if used against any Cú Chulainn aside from Cú Chulainn (Alter), as Liath Macha and Dub Sainglend will refuse to attack him.


Laid-back and brimming with dry humor, Laeg is a man content to let others take the spotlight. He is, in essence, a “sidekick”, someone who is more comfortable in a supporting role, yet not taking a backseat entirely. If the role of a healer is to support a hero from the backline, Laeg is best suited to supporting a hero from right at their side.

While laid-back in attitude, in nature, Laeg is as bloodthirsty and proud as his best friend. He takes his role as a charioteer, and in particular, the best of the best of them, very seriously. Given someone to fight alongside, Laeg will never turn down the opportunity for a fight, and he will never turn down an opportunity to show off.

Laeg’s penchant sarcasm and dry-wit comes from his perception of himself as the smartest person in the room at any given time. Whether this perception is actually true depends wildly on who he’s surrounded by at the moment.
Motive and Attitude towards Master
Laeg’s motive for fighting is more or less to “show off”. He doesn’t have any real desire for the Holy Grail, just so long as he gets to show off his talent with charioteering. This can potentially cause friction with his master, as he’s fundamentally more focused on demonstrating his skill than actually winning, but thanks to Laeg’s laid-back nature and preference for playing “second-fiddle”, he can work with most master’s easily enough.

That being said, he’s not afraid to turn his wit on his master.
“Come on Master, you summoned a charioteer -- a sidekick. If you were really trying your damnedest to win, you would have just summoned Cúcuc, right? Exactly. So just hold on tight and let me take you for a ride!”

Bond Craft Essence
Rejected Brindle
They'd never done it before. Even though they were Cúcuc's horses, they felt like mine. So when Liath Macha refused to allow himself to be harnessed that day...something felt wrong. But Cúcuc got ‘em harnessed and I ignored it. Willfully. Everyone knew why Liath Macha was refusing to be harnessed, everyone was trying to keep Cúcuc from riding out that day. Well, everyone except me. Does that make me a bad friend? To see the writing on the walls, to know why everyone was trying to restrain Cúcuc that day, and to ignore it all? To treat it as if it'd be just another day, another ride, another battle? I'd say it wouldn't, but I'm a biased party. But sometimes, when it's late at night, and my gut hurts, even though there's no possible way it could still be wounded...I'm happy to have driven Cúcuc out that final time. I'm happy it was at least able to start as just another ride for us.

Historical Depiction

Cú Chulainn’s charioteer, and best friend (there is a man with horny skin who would contest this assertion). The greatest charioteer in Irish Mythology, earning the title of “King of Charioteers”. He accompanied the Hound of Ulster on practically all of his adventures, with the only one he was not involved with in some way being the Hound’s training at Dun Scaith. Once Cú Chulainn returned home and they officially became partners, however, they were a practically inseparable duo. Be it retrieving Emer from her father’s lands, traveling to the realm of Fand to fight her enemies, battling Queen Medb during the Tain Bo Cúailnge, or even his final battle, Laeg was always at his friend’s side.

During Cú Chulainn’s final battle, Laeg was speared by the first spear thrown by Lugaid Mac Cú Roi, which would prove to be a fatal blow for the King of Charioteers. Although Cú Chulainn attempted to order Laeg back to Ulster, Laeg remained to watch the rest of the battle. After Cú Chulainn tied himself to a standing stone for his final stand, he caught sight of Laeg and made one final plea to his friend to return to Ulster, if only to tell Emer of the news. Laeg reluctantly agreed, arriving back at Ulster to deliver the news, and pointing Conall Cernach in the direction of the battle, before finally passing away.


Cú Chulainn - Laeg’s best friend and partner. In spite of his familiarity with Cú Chulainn, Laeg mocks him relentlessly, their banter being filled with good natured ribbing and put-downs. Faultlessly loyal to Cú Chulainn, Laeg stood by his friend until the very end, even until his death. Truly, they could be said to be the personification of “Ride or Die” (or, for these two, maybe it would be more accurate to say “Ride and Die”).
Cú Chulainn (Alter) - Although Cú Chulainn Alter is not the Cú Chulainn Laeg knows, Laeg has decided that he is Cú Chulainn nonetheless, and shall not be spared Laeg’s barbed tongue. It is not an uncommon sight to find Cú Chulainn Alter enduring comments about “trying a little too hard” and grumbling empty threats of violence in return.

Queen Medb - Laeg holds no ill-will towards Medb for organizing the conspiracy that led to his death, but he will never forgive for getting Liath Macha killed in the process.
Achilles- A hero Laeg notes as being incredibly similar to Cú Chulainn, Laeg is often spotted hanging out with the Hero of the Trojan War in his off time.

The Tain, translated by Thomas Kinsella
Early Irish Myths and Sagas, translated by Jeffery Gantz
The Wooing of Emer, translated by Kuno Myer
Cuchulainn of Muirthemne, Lady Augusta Gregory
Oxford Dictionary of Celtic Mythology, James Mackillop
Myths and Legends of the Celts, James Mackillop
The pre-19th-century manuscript traditionand textual transmission of the Early Modern Irish tale Oidheadh Con Culainn: a preliminary study, by Julia Sophie Kuhns (primarily for the summary of Oidheadh Con Culainn)

Picture of Cu Chulainn and Laeg Hanging Out I Drew

Author's NoteI've got plans to post a write-up/profile for my Conall Cernach fanservant, and then I'll actually get around to making profiles for my non-Ulster Cycle Fanservants lmao)
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