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(Art by me: I liked this sketch enough it motivated me to finish this profile)
Conall Cernach

Class: Rider
True Name: Conall Cernach

Gender: Male
Source: Irish Mythology (Ulster Cycle)
Region: Ireland (Ulster)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Height: 6’3ft/182.88cm
Weight : 212lbs/96.16kg

Strength: B
Endurance: A
Agility: C
Mana: C
Noble Phantasm: B
Luck: E

Class Skills

Riding B
While skilled from fighting in a chariot as a warrior of the Red Branch was expected to be. However, he is at his best whenever he is riding with only his most famous steed, the monstrous Derg Drúchtach.

Magic Resistance D
Magic Resistance that cancels single action skills. Conall is not particularly experienced in regards to magic, so his rank in Magic Resistance is not particularly high.

Personal Skills

Battle Continuation A
A skill based entirely around survival. Even when one receives deadly injuries, they may continue to fight on so long as they do not receive a decisive fatal blow. No matter how severely injured, Conall Cernach will continue to fight on.
There is a slight difference between Conall’s “Battle Continuation A” and the same-ranked skill possessed by his cousin -- Cu Chulainn. If Cu Chulainn’s Battle Continuation represents “Never giving up no matter what”, Conall’s simply represents a man blessed with overwhelming toughness.

Bravery B

Gives one the ability to negate any type of mental interference, as well as increase one’s melee damage. A simple, but effective skill.

Headhunter A+
One of the most pervasive aspects of Conall Cernach was his claiming of the heads of his enemies. This penchant has been engraved into Conall Cernarch’s legend, manifesting as a skill that decreases the defenses surrounding an enemy servant’s neck when faced with Conall Cernarch.

Noble Phantasms

Derg Drúchtach: Bloody Hound of SidheRank: B+
Classification: Anti-Unit
The dog-headed horse of Conall Cernarch. Its name means “Dripping Red”, likely a tribute to the gore it would frequently end up covered in. It ran fast enough that the debris it kicked up appeared to be a flock of ravens, and drooled so ferociously that when it ran it looked like a snowstorm followed Derg Drúchtach. In battle, Derg Drúchtach would viciously maul Conall’s opponents and aid his rider, acting as one being at times.
By revealing Derg Drúchtach’s true name, Conall imbues another ability into his mount: the ability to [consume] opponents. While Derg Drúchtach is no stranger to biting or mauling opponents, [consuming] an opponent will lead to Conall gaining the abilities of whatever Derg Drúchtach consumed. If Derg Drúchtach is killed, Conall will lose the abilities he gained from Derg Drúchtach’s [consumptions].

Derg Geis: Oh Brother, Vengeance Shall be Mine
Rank: A
Classification: Anti-Army
The promise made by Conall Cernarch and Cu Chulainn to avenge each other if one died. It ended up being Conall Cernarch who had to fulfill that promise. Fueled by duty and rage at the passing of his cousin alike, Conall rampaged through Ireland, killing every man involved in the conspiracy to kill Cu Chulainn (only its organizer, Medb, was spared his wrath) -- taking the head of each and every one. By the time the sun set on that day, Conall had killed thousands.
A Noble Phantasm made by swearing a promise with another being - they can be human or servant. Thus, the Noble Phantasm is activated, and its power is technically bestowed onto both parties. When one party in the promise dies, the other is granted the power to [avenge them]. An adaptive ability that allows someone to track down the killer of whoever the other person who swore the promise was, and gain abilities best suited to killing them. The avenging party also gains an EX ranked [Battle Continuation] skill until their promise is completed. The longer the promise goes without being fulfilled, the more ranks in [Mad Enhancement] will slowly be gained, until the user of [Derg Geis] becomes little more than a beast focused slowly on vengeance.

Shockingly businesslike. While somewhat flippant in attitude and manner of speech, Conall is at his core a “professional”. He approaches situations with his own talents driving his thought process and his objective driving his decisions. In spite of his professional demeanor, his sense of timing is horrid and he has a tendency to be late when it matters the most.

A trait he did not have in life but possesses now as a servant is a violent aversion to not keeping track of your allies, and a cautious hesitation to allow allies to go into situations alone.
For all his attempts at professionalism, Conall loves a good brawl just as much as his cousin, and is prone to losing himself in the thrill of a fight.

Motive and Attitude towards Master
Fitting with his professional personality, Conall is courteous and loyal to his master, willing to follow any orders as they come without much complaint. In spite of his obedient nature in regards to masters, he’ll still maintain his casual speech pattern and will not wait to be asked for advice before making his thoughts on how things should proceed to be known.

Conall admits that his wish is a foolish one. He wants to make a wish on behalf of a person who he knows well enough to know doesn’t care. But even so, Conall wishes that his chariot would have been just a bit faster that day, that he could have climbed that hill earlier. That just once, he had not been late when it had mattered.

Historical Depiction

The second greatest hero of the Ulster Cycle in Irish Mythology, and the last surviving member of the Knights of the Red Branch.
When he was born, the druid Cathbad (who would later go on to prophesy the short and glorious life of Conall's young cousin Cú Chulainn), prophesied that Conall would sleep every night with the head of a Connachtmen under his knee. For this prophecy, his uncle, Cet Mac Magach tried to kill the baby Conall by stamping on his neck. The attempt failed, but Conall bore a crooked neck as a reminder of Cet's actions for most of his life.
Conall Cernarch was reared alongside Setanta on the plans of Muirthemne, and, being the older of the two, left to join their uncle Conchobar in Emain Macha earlier. There, he quickly endeared himself to the Knights of the Red Branch, and rose through their ranks -- although not with the speed his cousin later would.
Conall’s life was one marred by failure.
One of his first great adventures would be carried out alongside his uncle and soon to be lifelong enemy Cet. He was set to defend the High King of Ireland Conare, but failed, although he fought valiantly and killed many of those who wished to attack Conare.
Later, Conall would stumble upon the battle between Conchobar and the sons of Uisliu over Deirdre of the Sorrows. In the confusion of the battle, Conall dove into it and ended up killing the son of Fergus who was protecting the sons of Uisliu and Deirdre. In a panic, Conall killed one of Conchobar’s sons, and hurriedly fled the scene.
It was after fleeing that Conall encountered Cu Chulainn, returning back to Emain Macha after both his training with Scathach and retrieving Emer from her father, and explained to him what happened.
Conall’s life would not entirely be one of failure. He showed outstanding performance in skirmishes against Connacht, easily fulfilling the prophecy about “sleeping every night with a Connachtman’s head under his knee”, and even upstaged his rival Cet Mac Magach at a feast turned dangerous competition between Connacht and Ulster, tossing the head of one of Cet’s comrades Anulan at him in order to counter Cet’s assertion that Conall would have surely been defeated if Anulan were there.
Eventually, Conall took to traveling, seeing the rest of the British Isles outside of Erin. During one of these travels, the conspiracy to kill Cu Chulainn was put into action. Conall, sensing something was amiss, hurried back to Ireland, and only just did not make it in time to aid Cu Chulainn in his final battle. It was at this point that Conall would enact his grand vengeance for his cousin, slaughtering his way across Erin in pursuit of everyone involved in the conspiracy. He returned the heads of his victims to Emer, and then erected a grave for Cu Chulainn and Emer.
Eventually, Conall would meet Cet Mag Macach in what would be their final battle, and Conall Cernach defeated his rival at long last.
With nothing else to do, Conall would, in a great irony, seek hospitality from Medb and Ailill of Connacht to house him in his final days. The fire for adventures had burned out in Conall, and he spent most of his days maintaining the equipment of Connachtment and entertaining the youths by telling them how he killed their fathers. Medb would eventually enlist Conall in order to kill Ailill for both his scheme to kill Fergus, and also for taking lovers aside Medb. Conall did the deed, and was promptly chased down by Connachtmen. Conall made a great last stand, killing many Connachtmen, but was eventually forced to cross a tainted river, violating his Geass, and causing him to be paralyzed until the Connachtmen could chop Conall to pieces.


Cu Chulainn
Conall’s younger cousin and foster brother. The two are quite close friends, having made a promise to avenge the other in real life. Although Conall feels a strong sense of protectiveness towards his younger cousin, amplified by his failure to save them during their lifetimes, Conall respects Cu Chulainn as a fellow warrior and champion enough to not let it show too much.

He has no such restraint when it comes to his cousin's younger self, openly acting like a protective older brother to the younger Irishman.

The queen who housed Conall in his final days. Conall treats Medb like a former client, respectful, but not too eager to continue interacting with her if she cannot provide him with incentive.


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