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Just an inkling of an idea…

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Ever since yesterday I've been thinking about starting a "Tsukihime: Enhanced Edition" project.

The core idea is that I would touch-up the old art, music, and script to be more presentable while not deviating heavily from its original presentation. Overall there would be few major changes; The resolution, aspect ratio, art direction, character designs, and translation would remain the same. Anything that holds up reasonably well would be unchanged.

As far as implementation goes, the new assets would be designed as drag-and-drop replacements for the originals.

A quick, surface-level overview of the art:

  • I would redraw the sprites (in-part or in whole, as applicable) in order to correct anatomical errors, stiff posing, or character design inconsistencies. I imagine them not appearing out of place in the original lineup, though.
  • The backgrounds should be left as-is, I think. The monochrome photo backgrounds have their own niche appeal.
  • In an ideal world the CGs be brought to the standard set by Kagetsu Kohya's best, but I am no Hirokazu Koyama. I'm also not sure how the backgrounds in the CG should look, because while the characters look best interacting with hand-drawn backgrounds, they are pretty jarring after looking at tinted photographs for a while.
  • Optionally, a small number of new CGs could be added to improve those scenes where the same graphic is still used when the text starts describing something else

The Music & Sound FX:

I'm not sure how the music would be handled. Maybe a curated list containing the best version of each song? Or I could try to make covers that draw inspiration from the best versions while retaining a consistent style that falls in line with the original tone?

The sound effects would be redone from scratch. They are pretty harsh, especially the clock.

The Script:

This would entail fixing typos, erroneous punctiation, and grammar mistakes. This is one of the only aspects that might require outside help, since it would probably be wise to have a runereader oversee all changes to ensure that none of them alter the meaning of the source material.

This is the biggest undertaking in the project, so it would probably get cut. If I were to do this, I might need consult the community to decide how much "all according to keikaku"-age is tolerable when it comes to honorifics and the infamous nii-san translation debate. No one I've spoken to has ever given a convincing argument as to why these are necessary.

Conclusion (or, rather, a new heading to visually separate this from the proceeding paragraph):
I figured I'd just post this on my blog to see if there was any interest. I probably won't follow through on this concept, but I figured it'd be good idea to share it anyway.

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  1. Cypher Attic's Avatar
    To clarify: this would not be a full remake, more of a spiritual "port" like the more vanilla compatible limit-breaking Doom ports (if you are familiar with them).
  2. Ratman's Avatar
    in order to correct anatomical errors
  3. Cypher Attic's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ratman
    I never knew I needed cockney Akiha until now, lol.
    (But yeah, giraffe neck included in the list of errors.)
  4. Cypher Attic's Avatar
    Did I seriously write "to be more presentable while not deviating heavily from the original's presentation"? I must be tired.