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Horizon of Strange Stars: Cosmic Dump

Edmond Halley (Rider) Drawing

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Just another HG4 Servant I finished drawing this morning. I was particularly proud of this one and had a lot of fun during the design process. The second Servant I designed that utilized a mood board to gather inspiration. This is Edmond Halley (Rider). Yes. Without a doubt. Mhm! Her whole origin story will play an important role in the rest of Horizon of Strange Stars's overarching plot. Not directly, but sort of like a hint of things to come. Or at least that's the plan. The idea came to me in the middle of the night like BANG! and I instantly started giggling like a madman.

...At the beginning, the First changed all.
...Next, the Second recognized many.
...In answer, the Third showed the future.
...Tethered, the Fourth concealed itself.
And the final Fifth had long since lost its significance.
Someone once said, "Had it only ended at the Third..."

I wonder though, if in the end, the final outcome will be too easy or roundabout?

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  1. TrueMrMultiverse's Avatar
    The line about Magic in regards to the Horizon Logs is intriguing, excited to see what'll come with it.

    Also her flamy ponytail and little spaceship are pretty cool!