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☈ An Allegory for The Caves ☄

Team Saber
Narcisa Fulgenico & Saber of Flowers

There is no crest to be had. No flowers bloom on the wanderlust-led child.

Narcisa Fulgenico once belonged to a house filled to the brim with love and cadence. But soon the walls did collapse, and since the dome shattered bleakly such things were catastrophes upon all onlookers. Among the Sixteen Members of the Hearth Compitum, the Fulgenico familiy were numbered Nine. They researched oceanography and spoke when tides did growl and when the moon pulled hither, and promised their children one pearl that contained within 'the love of a lover' and 'the rage of the wrathful'.

A saying exists in Nivalis: "Through a pearl, one can gleam two fairies; one unseen, the other hidden." It implies that those who can see fairies through a looking-glass are seeing nothings and nobodies. A mocking phrase uttered when one hallucinates in the midst of night. Instead, Narcisa takes this phrase to heart. Because her conclusive to phase through the world, and meet the Red Prince at the end of the line. That is her undeniable dream—her dream cannot be denied.

An Unpainted Melody
Seek The Crown

The Fair Ones

There once was a boy who met a fleeting Nymph. He saw her figure and imagined the lightning which harrowed his nights trapped within her veins. And thus, the two engulfed themselves within the Earth and made a world for their own consumption. But such things were fated to end, and the boy still yearns to look into the mirror and see himself beside his lightning rod.
The river surges on—the world left unchecked reverts by itself. His understanding of the written word is unmatched, and his ideals must overcome the body.
The Red Prince is otherwise recognized as the prophet "Tages."

'Team' Archer
Lakshay Mara & Archer of Descending Heavens

A woman(?) who believes that it is better for man to choose evil than to have good imposed upon him. She has burnt through nine Command Spells—three belonged to Master of Lancer, three belonged to Master of Rider, and three belonged to her. However she managed to secure these Command Spells is a total mystery. It's worth noting that if Marusia Rostova wants something...she gets it.
She is a vulgar woman who speaks in broken Russian-slang, though she's the first to condemn speculation on her ethnicity. Words are words, she says, and she's allowed to speak them.

Her singular wish in life is to not belong to the group of people the Grail lures so eagerly. She'd achieved great financial power as one of the moonlit operators of several major social medias, and is quite proud of her management skills—particularly, she accepts the fact that her skill in censorship is absolutely unmatched. Internet Magecraft is an esoteric subject, but it might as well have been completely wiped off the map if it weren't for this particular magus' revolutionizing skill in nesting foundations in the human consciousness. Many Spiral Manor members theorize that this wasn't her first time inflicting such burdens on the consciousness. On the other hand, she refuses to accept a Philosophy Key that's been waiting for her in some shrine in Nepal.
The only present she may accept is a body she can call "perfect". Until then, life will be filled to the brim with mediocrities. Until then, she allows herself to subjugate all souls without discrimination.

No Chains Confine Me

Team Lancer
Alterke Ayn Phoebus & Lancer of the Wild Hunt

No crest was given to this feeble one, upon which a fragment was embedded—that is to say, he is a boy destined to be a "physician" who can never know his own illness.
Belonging to a line of Tzadikim, it is inconceivable that his entire family went up and died in each their own unique assortment. What can he make of this great loss? He can, at most, make way. And otherwise, he can use the tools he'd been granted to carve some path for his younger sister, too, who was not blessed with protection the way he has. Upon arriving in Japan he came upon Norihara Asakami and partnered up with the Devilman of Shikura City to overtake the Origa Memorial Hospital—but despite the general goodness it'd brought upon the uneasy people of Shikura, nothing of great value was added upon Alterke's own existence. Simply debt, and dance, and song, and fans, and handlings with the Church which he detests for quite bitter reasons. Overall, he is dissatisfied with life, but he's optimistic, and a hypocrite.
It's very important for him that people distinguish between him, an adult, and others, who are children. He is obsessed with the idea of adulthood, perhaps because he was never promised one.
Nine dead brothers bring great weight to the family dinner table.

Alterke is a Kabbalist, but he's a true one who doesn't transgress the rules of his religion for the purpose of performing great miracles. He's such a dedicated practitioner, his entire way of being is akin to a miracle-worker's. The way he walks, the way he breathes, the way he dances, the way he sings; his Father, Abraham Phoebus, was a known Tzadik who 'sang to angels', and he certainly took after him. Everything he does constitutes nature interference. He holds a mixtape mystic code, but he's yet to etch any music onto it. Maybe he simply didn't have time?

The Neverwhen, Neverwhere, Neverspoken

The Ensemble
Norihara Asakami

There once was a family in ancient Japan that captured and hunted a people. But due to hubris and lust, they fell into the pit they once swore to set ablaze. And down below was prey that yearned to feast upon those who tormented him. Such was the story of Norihara Asakami. Nori-hara, Asa-kami. Asa = Shallow. Kami = God. Study it well.

Team Rider
Amytis Sinistrari & Rider of Khvarena

The dome had been torn to shreds before she was even born. If she were the leader of the Hearth Compitum back in the day...could she have saved her people from a fate most unbecoming?
It matters not. for the present hath overtaken them by now. They're shackled to reality, no longer permitted their intimate dream. Still, may she receive her own? A sight, a glance, into the world hereafter is all she yearns for. In her most noble attire, she can only hope for something symbolic. Were the world ever to offer—she'd ask for her entire world to turn reverse-clock-wise in an instant.

Usurp Truths through Madness

Team Caster
Felix Pompeo-Elea & Iconoclast & Caster

The 'official' Master of Caster. He possesses the Command Spells, though he does not intend to superimpose himself as the leader of this particular expedition. He is but a mere assistant, a therapist for his Boss' magecraft particularities. The Clocktower is not interested in the destruction of Nivalis as a town, as it still contains dozens of rich mysteries that the World desires to plunder. Instead, this operation is supposed to be a swift assassination—yes, a quick in-and-out operation. Felix just isn't made for long-drawn conflict. In fact, all things should be as short as possible. Otherwise, to the paradox-driven Felix, those things are eternal and never-ending.

Exterminate, defile, decimate, annihilate, incriminate, defame, delineate, extrapolate, intrigue.
Another creature of paradox—upon himself he may bring ten thousand contradictions, and act accordingly without fail.
An assassination technique embodied in human form—a God of the Ego who's stuck in a cycle of death and rebirth and brings all beside him on the journey, too.
A last resort deployment, usually involved in cases of blatant unabashed plagiarism and theft. Rarely, Iconoclast is sent to cleanse Sealing Designations off the face of the planet.

We See Forms Aplenty, One Step at a Time

Team Ruler
Mylan Veles-Erites & Ruler of Rome

The 'Organizer' is not the Organizer, just like a 'Human' isn't Human. Mylan does not 'die' as much as he dies, and he does not 'live' as much as he lives. The World looks with both favor and disdain upon him—things tend to occur as he walks through them. Mylan is what one may call a "Supernatural Witness." He happens upon occasions that are infinitesimal.
Ruler is 'Ruler' and Ruler at the same time. Ruler is an Angel and a Man at the same time. Ruler is the bride of Christ and the king of Earth at the same time. Such is his majesty.

A Rainbow Sword, A Pallid Shield

The Clergy
Nico Sefer Barberini

He was invited into the Holy Grail Ritual as its Overseer, and yet he'd not been given any of the privileges granted to Overseers. Nico did not expect this Ritual to descend into War, but maybe he should've.

The Right Hand of Glory and the Left Hand of Glory are two accessories that, first and foremost, bring one closer to God. Nico was born in an attempt to pursuit exactly this ideal—but the experiment has since failed disastrously, and his claimants both disappeared off the face of the Earth in slightly different ways. His memories of the Lighthouse of Alexandria glow fervently in hues of flame and sea, and he abhors the day such mess occurs again. Thus, he'll do anything to protect the town that cared to protect him in turn.
His relationship with Amytis Sinistrari is odd and uncomfortable for outsiders. He cares about her and is not afraid of showing that, but she often responds with a cold shoulder.
Galyna Cassimolar picked his name for him, and though she cared deeply for him in his youth, nowadays he's the Priest of the Nivalis Church.

Galyna Cassimolar

A boyish heretical nun. Galyna is a cambion, descendant of a succubus. Because of her unique constitution, she preys on men. Her Magic Crest, which contains within a Grand Order from the time of King Solomon, supplements her with the right "way of being" to allow her a life in which no bloodshed or dream-consumption is needed. Her mission is to "understand passionate murder."
Galyna is capable of producing powerful flames that exist without having to burn anything but the air surrounding them, akin to greek fires. This used to be a powerful parlor trick that ran in her family for generations, but nowadays, looking towards the West, she understands that this is not even a spell a Clocktower magus might even consider as "chant-worthy."