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Lord El-Melloi II Case Files

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Aren't Atlas Academy mages Self-induced Schizophrenics on a technical level?
Though Partition was created in the original Melty Blood to create these screens of Sion running multiple textboxes in parallel and getting into arguments with herself.

Then Actress Again concludes with Sion dedicating 2 of her Thought Partitions 24/7 to manifest a physical simulation of Riesbyfe who really loves her.
And then I think the next instance was Nemo creating his crew by using his Thought Partitions to make up guys wholesale.

After that, it was Sanda's turn to play with Atlas and he decided to run hard with this concept of Thought Partitions as imaginary friends.
Latio also dedicates two Partitions 24/7 to put her dead brother's personality inside Sans Undertale.
Quart considers himself Cipher's best friend because of a simulated version in his head and claims this is normal Atlas culture.
Ptolemy reveals in FGO that he was born with Thought Partitions and won the Diadochi Wars by asking the simulations of his opponents what strategies they were going to use.
And now there's Juste taking instructions from their inner master.

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Atlas tulpas is one joke I feel like will never get old.

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Probably because the comedy of it feels 100% unintentional.