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Dark Flight (Movie Review)

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Directed by Isaara Nadee, Dark Flight is a comedy sex film with tragedy elements in it. The main character of the story is Ann, a smoking young Hong Kong chick who everyone wants to fuck. The story also stars a spoilt child, a murderer with dreadlocks, some insane yandere, a useless mechanic and a bunch of retarded passengers and service crew (most of which are homosexuals or transvestites).

The plot aims to make audiences laugh by stunning them with shock scenes portraying amusing makeup and portrays the exaggerated effeminate or masculine actions of the homosexual crew members to further emphasize the running humour.

As the story progresses, it becomes clear that everyone wants to fuck Ann- some fat white elephant and dreadlocks murderer guy are merely two examples.
The ghosts' constant possession of Ann is obviously the director's indication to us that he thinks she is smoking hot and exceedingly sexy. Even dead people want to get inside of her! Everyone wants to feel up dat bodeh.

The film draws to a tragic turn as the ghosts possess ann and cause faggot dreadlocks guy to smash her head open without ejaculating into her delicious body. In my opinion, the film should have ended there, but it continues for a miserable length of time after and attempts to pick up the pace by introducing necrophilic zombie women which ultimately fail to arouse.

The film is terrible, but the chick was hot. Overall it deserves no better than a 0/10 because it draws to an abrupt close without presenting the ultimate fruition of the protagonist's sexy life.
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    Added tags, yo.
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    This film seems silly. You are silly.
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    Added tags, yo.
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    This film seems silly. You are silly.
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