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Mayo Chiki (Volume 8 Summary, Part 2 of 5)

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Continuing from Part 1 of 5.

Vol8 Ch2
Vol8 ch2
Ichigo confirmed Kanade’s memories and mind have gone back to about 8 years old. Jiro thought of what Kureha was like back at that age, already a good fighter and wrestled a Golden Retriever 60cm bigger than her into the ground… then he thought now’s not the time to reminisce.

Jiro still think Kanade’s playing tricks on them, and asked Usami to confirm his suspicion. Usami can tell when others are lying after all. Usami says Kanade’s not lying, and after seeing the look on Jiro’s face she added she wasn’t bought off by Kanade either.

Kanade told Jiro not to worry. She understands she has a high school student’s body and have the mind of a 8 year old, and she’s confident this will pass eventually. Jiro thought that Kanade’s a smart girl even from way back then as a loli.
Kanade then asked who Kureha is. They go over how Kureha is familiar with Kanade to the point Kanade is called ‘onee-sama’.

Jiro whispered to Kureha of she’s alright with this, and Kureha said she’s fine with this; Kanade looks so adorable right now to the point people can’t help but want to hug her, and Kanade said this will pass so it’s alright. Jiro agreed with the adorable comment, as Kanade normally is a distant ojou-sama and this different aspect of her’s shows her in a new light (eg, Nakuru in the anime of the first season, last episode). Jiro notes Kanade is just like during the ‘Nyu!’ incident from before, the different side of her making his heart beat so fast.

While Jiro and Kureha is talking, Kanade asked Kureha why does she has to work when she’s a child as well. Kanade thought if Kureha calls her ‘onee-sama’ then they must be close in age. Kureha said she’s a high school student, and Kanade is surprised by that; Kureha seems so small and flat Kanade can’t quite believe it. Kureha went off the deep end being treated like a child. Jiro calmed Kureha down by patting her head.
Kanade got jealous of Kureha being so nicely treated by Jiro (going all “Mu~” with a pout) and wants Jiro to pat her on the head too. Jiro obliged, and saw Kanade smiling in content like a child. Jiro’s overwhelmed by the moe, and so happy that Kanade’s so innocent, and not a sadistic, devil-like creature right now he’s almost brought to tears.

Subaru on the sidelines is making sounds of discontent. Jiro was expecting to be chastised by doing inappropriate things to Kanade but it turns out that Subaru’s jealous of Kanade being treated like that by Jiro. Kanade asked if Subaru wants a turn too, and both Jiro and Subaru blushed. Jiro blamed their kiss yesterday for their reaction. Ichigo got out something sharp and held it against Jiro’s back, asking him just what is he doing to Kanade. Kanade told Ichigo it’s fine.

Kanade asked who Usami is, then proceed to troll her with a handbook on how to take care of rabbits (massively incorrect, but eh). It turns out Shure wrote that book and was going to troll Usami with that eventually, but Ichigo got that from her and gave it to Kanade. As a apology for going too far with Usami, Kanade gave Usami a ticket that says for one time only she’ll do whatever Usami tells her to.

It’s 10:30pm now, and Kanade’s getting sleepy. Kanade asked if Subaru wants to sleep with her, and both Usami and Kureha are shocked (to them Subaru’s a guy). Kanade then went on to give misunderstandings, like how they used to take baths together and stuff. Kanade asked if Kureha wants to join them and Kureha said that’s too stimulating for her.
Ichigo said that’s a bad idea, but then offered to take their place to sleep with Kanade instead. Jiro suspects Ichigo wants to take advantage of the memory loss and do things to Kanade she won’t be able to do normally. Kanade rejected Ichigo’s offer, telling her she’s too scary and old – and that she knows Ichigo is planning something.

Kanade then asked if she can sleep with Jiro. Jiro felt four murderous stares stabbing into his back. He said Kanade’s a child and a child shouldn’t be sleeping with adults. Kanade pointed out her body’s not that of a child’s – Jiro responded by saying okay, he gets it, so stop emphasizing her chest like that.
Jiro countered by asking her to say her name. Kanade keep saying ‘Suzuchuki’ rather than ‘Suzutsuki’, and Jiro said peeple that can’t pronounce words right are children, so he can’t sleep with her. Kanade pulled out the big teary-eyed puppy-dog look, but Jiro refuse to cave. Kanade then decided if she’s treated like a child then she will use strategies fit for a child:

“Onii~chan, let’s sleep together~!”, said in the most moe voice Jiro had ever heard. Jiro thought from now on he’ll call Kanade ‘Derechuki’ instead. Kanade called him ‘Onii-chan’ a few more times, and he almost caved. He resisted, thinking if he falls here he’ll never be able to wash the lolicon label off himself. Subaru caved by Kanade’s antics and said he’ll allow Jiro to sleep with Kanade. Ichigo decided Jiro needs to become a eunuch before this can be allowed and got out her chainsaw, Kureha commented Jiro might have looked at her indecently at times, and Usami is convinced Jiro’s a lolicon.

Subaru said none of that’s necessary, and he’ll make sure nothing happens by sleeping with both Jiro and Kanade. Note Subaru said that with a embarrassed flush on her face.

Later, Kanade hopped onto the bed like a excited child. Jiro asks Subaru if this is really alright, and Subaru says this is the only outcome Kanade will accept. And she feels safer if she keeps a eye on them personally. Jiro mentally snarked he’s not seen as trustworthy at all, but concedes the point since he’s a high school male student.

Subaru’s wearing another version of the pyjama Jiro saw him in, Jiro’s in his dog-suit and Kanade’s in a one-piece dress type of pyjama. Jiro wondered doesn’t Kanade’s shoulder get sore wearing that. Kanade said Ichigo gave her something that will help people sleep, and Jiro found they’re handcuffs and some rope. Kanade explained Ichigo said they’re to put around your neck, and Jiro declined the rope. Kanade put the hand-cuffs on Jiro before he can do anything about it though.

Jiro asked why does Kanade wants to sleep with him anyway. Kanade says she always had wanted a dog, and proceed to hug him. Jiro’s cuffed to the bed, so he can’t escape, and he’s stuck between Kanade in front of him and Subaru behind him. Kanade told him to count sheep, and then fell asleep after Jiro counted to 3. Jiro wants to take this chance to go to sleep, with Kanade’s grip loosening around him making his gynophobia at a manageable level. However then Subaru asked from behind him why does he think Kanade has regressed into a child. Jiro couldn’t turn around and answer her partially because he’s cuffed up, and partially because he’s still nervous about the kiss. Subaru went on to say Kanade has problems/pressures that made her this way, and she was about to ask Jiro if it really is because Kanade loves Jiro then Kanade woke up.

Kanade asked if Jiro have problem getting to sleep. Jiro say that’s kind of right. Kanade said then she’ll give him a spell that’ll make him sleep easier – a kiss. Subaru came in at the last second to prevent Kanade kissing Jiro on the lips, and Kanade asked if she wants to kiss Jiro instead. Subaru blushed and agreed. Jiro thought that’ll probably keep him up all night if Subaru kissed him, but then Subaru says she has a better method. Kanade agreed to use that and Subaru pressed Jiro to her chest, making him faint with his gynophobia.
Before he completely lost consciousness, Jiro thought he enjoyed the softness of Subaru’s chest and tonight he’ll probably have sweet dreams.

Hnngh. Dammit Kanade.
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