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Mayo Chiki (Volume 8 Summary, Part 3 of 5)

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Vol8 Ch3
Vol8 ch3
Breakfast time. It’s a western breakfast but Jiro prefers Japanese if he can help it, with things like rice and miso soup. He does drink milk though.

Today’s the day their high school is founded, so they get a holiday.

Kureha asks if Jiro is going to eat or not, and he finally started. Jiro’s extremely nervous because Kanade is sitting on his lap as they eat, and his gynophobia is acting up. Both Subaru and Usami is looking at him with a complicated expression. Kanade doesn’t notice that and tries to feed Jiro. Ichigo is trembling with anger/jealousy at Jiro. Jiro thought this will end up as a indirect kiss, and (not for the first time) he thought Derechuki right now is adorable and what could possibly have turned her into the sadistic ojou-sama he knew.

Breakfast is over, and Kanade has to go back to the hospital for another check-up. Kureha caught Jiro before he started and told him there’s actually more reasons than she gave last time that made her think Kanade is in love with him. Kureha handed him a pink envelope with his name on it, something that Kanade gave Kureha yesterday morning and asked her to give to Jiro a day later. Both Jiro and Kureha thinks this looks like a love letter. Jiro however thinks this must be a trap, and it might blow up on him like a grenade or something.
Kureha said Jiro can open it at his own pace then ran off, too embarrassed to stay and read it with Jiro. Jiro wants to open the letter but then Subaru came in asking what happened to Kureha for her to run off like that. Subaru saw the letter and at first thought Jiro had that kind of relation with Kureha. Jiro eventually got the point across that Kanade was the one that sent him this letter and Kureha was only responsible for the delivery.

Subaru’s shell-shocked that Kanade had that kind of feelings for Jiro. Jiro wanted to prove Subaru wrong and pulled out the letter and showed it to Subaru, confident this isn’t a love letter.

The letter only had one thing written on it: open the drawer on my desk.

Jiro and Subaru went back to Kanade’s room, but then found there’re three drawers in Kanade’s desk. A column of three.
Jiro opened the one on the very top, and found it’s stuffed to the brim with underwear. Subaru quickly kicked Jiro in the head and said he’s not allowed to look. Jiro thought it was too late, he had already memorised everything he had saw; adult-like lingerie, some of them had pretty erotic designs. Subaru found a note in the drawer, which said “unfortunately, you got the wrong one”.
Subaru opened the one under that. Jiro’s sure there’s probably won’t be another one filled with lingerie but he’s preparing himself just in case. They found a DVD in it, and a note saying “right answer”.

There’s a DVD player and a TV in Kanade’s room, so they thought this is a message for them and played the disc. Kanade starts off with a greeting, saying if Jiro found this disc then he had got her love letter. Subaru’s in tears after hearing Kanade’s real voice after all this time, and Jiro’s in a similar condition though for a different reason; Derechuki eventually grew up to be someone as horrible as Kanade, what kind of disaster happened to make it turn out this way?
Kanade in the TV asked him if he’s thinking something rude right now. Jiro’s surprised, and notes she’s so skilled to the point she can snark the future from the past.

TV!Kanade: “Well, it’s not like your rudeness is something that started recently.”
Jiro: “Mind your own business.”
TV!Kanade: “By the way, did you open the drawer on the very bottom?”
Jiro: “Of course not, this DVD was in the second drawer.”
TV!Kanade: “If you didn’t open that then it’s a shame, in it is filled with secret photos of Subaru.”
Jiro: “WHAT?!”
TV!Kanade: “Those are service shots of Subaru from back when we played with cosplay.”

Kanade’s smiling on the screen while Jiro’s cursing he should have gone for that first. Subaru’s amazed at how Jiro is talking with Kanade in the TV, and Jiro thought he’s surprised too; he’s snarked so much at Kanade he did it on reflex, and he notes this is a useless skill.

Kanade went on to say it’s time for the important matters. If she’s perfectly normal then stop this disc within 10 seconds, and forget everything that’s been shown so far. If there’s anything wrong with her then keep the disc playing.

Both Jiro and Subaru chose to continue the disc. Kanade said if they’re still watching then she’s probably like a child right now, and the doctors can’t find anything wrong with her. She explained she chose to revert to 8 years old herself. And Kanade asked didn’t they think it’s strange that she asked Usami to be employed despite she doesn’t get along well with her? The answer to that was this is a experiment; can Usami tell if she’s lying if she can even fool herself with a lie? From how things turned out, she guessed her experiment is somewhat a success. Kanade planned on falling down some stairs as a excuse for the memory loss, but the anemia is a good enough alternative.

Kanade planned on by the time Jiro got the letter she’s back to normal, but if they’re watching this disc right now that’s not the case. Kanade ordered Jiro to bring her back from being a 8-year old, there’s still a way to do so. Kanade’s stuck at that age is probably because there’s something she haven’t done yet, she’s not satisfied. Kanade asked Jiro to keep everything to himself, since she doesn’t want Subaru, Ichigo and Kureha to worry about her. Usami is her natural enemy, so that’s not possible too. Kanade didn’t expect Subaru to be there watching the disc with Jiro.

Kanade closes the video by saying she believes in him, and she’ll definitely be back to normal eventually. He’s her servant after all.

Jiro decides he’ll help, despite this is definitely not part of his job description. He asked Subaru to help him, and she agreed.

Kanade then called his cellphone, telling him she saw a advertisement for a amusement park on TV and she wants to go there.

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