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Mayo Chiki (Volume 8 Summary, Part 4 of 5)

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This one is a bit long... So half of this next post ^^;

Vol8 Ch4
Vol8 Ch4
October 9th, Jiro and co went to the amusement park. This is the last day this place will be open for the foreseeable future, due to cost issues or something like that. Kanade and everyone decided to come on the last day as this way itíll make the events more memorable.

Itís been two weeks since Jiro saw that DVD. He and others spent this time trying to make Kanade satisfied, and didnít even go to school. That didnít work and now heís two weeks behind in schoolwork, and exams are coming. Two weeks without going to school is a long time for any of them, so Jiro and everyone is betting on today being the day that cures Kanade.

Ichigo wanted to come, but due to overworking this past two weeks she caught a cold. Add the fact the chef thatís supposed to come back had some complication in the hospital thereís more work for her. Ichigo wants to go to make sure Jiro doesnít do anything to Kanade. Jiro asked why did the chef stay in hospital, and it turns out the chef tried to tackle Subaru when she visited, and got beaten up again which led to a extended stay in the hospital. Kanade ordered Ichigo to stay home and sheíll bring back a souvenir for her, so Ichigo finally complied. She did force a dog suit MK2 onto Jiro however, even if it took her 15 minutes to do so. After they got to the park Jiro found out thereís a self-destruct button in this newer model, which Kanade is told to use if Jiro tries anything with her.

Jiro and co walked past a Ďhero showí, with the characters looking suspiciously like Jiro and Subaru. The show is thought up by Nakuru, and the amusement park will be taken over by her father (a company president for a popular brand of toys, those Silent Lambs) soon. Part of the reason for the change in ownership is also due to Shure being denied entry on rides like the roller coaster, telling her sheís too short and primary school students canít ride on them.

Various comedy scenes happened, which suggested Jiro is both a lolicon and a fan of BL. All a misunderstanding of Usamiís.

Kanade finally decided to go to the haunted house. Kurehaís not good with that kind of things but after Kanade said something about only kids are afraid of that she went along with them. They stood in line for 30 minutes (the last day and all), and by the time they went in Kanade stopped them. She says if all 5 of them go in at once it wonít be nearly as fun, so theyíll split into two groups and the two that wins Rock, Paper and Scissors first goes in together. Jiro and Usami won first. Jiroís not happy about this since Usamiís haunted. Usami told him sheíll tell him if the real thing comes up, which doesnít make him any calmer. Subaru doesnít seem pleased that Jiroís paired with Usami.

Jiro and Usami went in, and after hearing about how later this place will have Silent Lambs added to it heís glad they came today and not later. The haunted house will take roughly 30 minutes in full, but thereíre emergency exits if anyone wants to bail out.
Usami asked him if he feels his shoulder betting heavier. Jiro says now that she mentions it it does feel kinda heavy. She told him to not look back no matter what, and they better leave through one of those emergency exits. Jiro wanted to negotiate some more, but Usami told him thereís long, white slender fingers going for his neck and he ran out.

It turns out Usami was lying about all that and the haunted house had no real ghosts in it. Jiro realised heís been played. Usami told him he should go on a date with her today.

Usami forced Jiro to go on a date with her to cure his gynophobia, and to make sure heís not a lolicon or does BL. She wanted to get away from Kanade since if sheís around Jiro wonít be allowed to go on a date. Itís Usamiís first time coming to a amusement park.

Usami pressed herself onto him, and said sheíll ask him two things. Jiro says he doesnít have to answer anything, and Usami pressed tighter to almost give him nosebleed. She asked if heís hiding anything about Kanade, and judging by his reaction she knows thatís a Ďyesí. Usami then asked why, since it looks like heís trying hard to play with Kanade and not doing it out of duty or anything like that. Jiro was feeling faint so he told her about the DVD and how Kanade reverted due to her own choice. He didnít reveal Kanade did so because of Usami however.

Usami says she wants to cure Kanade as fast as possible, to Jiroís surprise. She claims itís because she canít get angry at a kid and holding everything in will make her go crazy eventually. She also says she donít like how the kid-Kanade is always sticking to Jiro, and he agrees Ė he doesnít want to have any more indications of being a loli-con. Usami muttered thatís not what she meant, but then they reached the end of the line theyíre at for a roller coaster.

They sat down on the front seats, and Usami asked him the second thing: did he have a fight with Subari recently? Their interactions recently have been awkward. Jiro didnít answer for a long time, right up to the point they reached the highest point of the roller coaster. Usami then says it doesnít matter, sheíll help him. Theyíre at a amusement park anyway, so thereís plenty of events to help them make up. Usami says as long as they donít go the point of BL sheíll help them no matter what.

Jiro told her heís very fortunate to have her as a friend, and then the roller coaster ran down. Itís one of those with a water feature, and the ones at the front is given a plastic board to prevent water splashing onto them. Jiro was glad he didnít end up too wet, but by the end of the ride he looked at Usami and found her soaked through. She didnít notice that and stared at him with a blush, telling him why the hell is he saying such embarrassing things. Usami was too shocked by Jiroís words to use the board earlier.
Jiro points out sheís soaked, and Usami found itís obvious her curves is showing and some of her underwear is visible. She started kicking Jiro, saying itís his fault for saying those things that led to this. Everyone around them thought this is a coupleís spat.
Usami dried herself somewhat by using a towel one of the attendants gave her. She says she will still help Jiro with both Kanade and Subaruís issues. Jiro sincerely thought Usami really is a good person.

Subaru found him and Usami being together, and sheís trembling with anger. Jiro wants to tell her Usami has agreed to help them , but he got hit by Subaru with one of her attacks. Subaru said Jiro had promised to help bring Kanade back to normal but instead he went off with Usami, refused to listen to any explanation and left. Usami apologised to Jiro for her taking Jiro away, and Jiro said heís at blame too. Jiro thought itís not Usamiís fault for things turning out this way for both him and Subaru, their relationship seem to have gotten worse after that kiss.
It might be noon soon and a fine day right now, but inside Jiro feels clouds of anxiety is brewing.

After that, Subaru refused to listen to Jiro. They been to many other rides after that, and Kanade even ordered Jiro to try bungee jumping alone.
Itís sunset now, and Derechuki seems satisfied with how the day went. Subaru on the other hand refused to talk to Jiro the entire afternoon, no matter how many times he tried to talk to her.

Kanade wanted to ride the ferris wheel next. The trip will last 19 minutes. Before others got on however, Kanade shut the door, telling him she wants to talk alone with him for a while.
She asked why does Jiro and Subaru is so willing to play with her this past 2 weeks, and enthusiastically so. Before that point no matter how much she asked they didnít want to play with her. Jiro thought Kanade is really smart even at a young age, noticing this from the start. Jiro told her everything he saw on the DVD. Kanade commented sheís very fortunate to have servants that look out for her like this; sheís very satisfied. Jiro had a sudden hope that sheís back to normal, but Kanade says thereís still something missing. Jiro asked what that is, but Kanade says she wants to ask him something else first: what happened between him and Subaru? Jiro wanted to snark, saying how does that come into this, then Kanade said she figured out that Jiro knows about Subaruís a girl from their interactions within the past 2 weeks.

Kanad guessed Jiro kissed Subaro by force, and Jiro frantically tried to explain Ė then he thought how did Kanade know about that? It turned out Subaru had been sleeptalking about this, and Kanade heard her. Kanade offhandedly said she also hugged and kissed Subaru (on the cheek) in her sleep because she looked so adorable, and Jiro snarked about it.

To be continued.