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Mayo Chiki (Volume 8 Summary, Part 5 of 5)

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Rest of Volume 8.

2nd half of Ch4
Kanade asked Jiro how does he see Subaru? Kanade also says in exchange for this she’ll tell Jiro how to return her back to normal. Jiro thought isn’t that obvious? They’re best friends, from that summer festival. Out loud, he said he doesn’t to see Subaru cry – if he sees that, he then he wants to comfort & protect Subaru.

Kanade replied Jiro’s a idiot. He knows this much yet he still doesn’t know what his feeling are. She said she’s so disappointed in him she won’t say what it is, and he can figure it out for himself. She says she’ll still help him though, and she needs to be back to normal in order to do that.
Kanade looked at the watch – 3 minutes left until the ride finishes. She told him, with a innocent smile, that she loves him the most in the world…

Then she kissed him on the lips.

Jiro jumped back and bumped his head on the walls. Kanade asked if Jiro’s alright, and from how she called him ‘Jiro-kun’ and not ‘onii-chan’ Jiro found she’s back to normal. Kanade apologised about bringing everyone so much trouble, and Jiro says he won’t forgive him that easily. Kanade asks then how can she make it up to him, and Jiro replied ‘hell if I know’.

Kanade said “Then should I repay you with my body?”
Jiro: “All I know is that's definitely the wrong choice!”
Kanade: “That’s true, if it was my body that you want you would have done something when we slept on the same bed.”
Jiro: “Wha… Don’t tell me, you…”
Kanade: “Ara ara, me – I mean the me of 8 years old – I have all the memories of hers. You were completely enamoured by me.”
Jiro: “~~!”
Kanade: “You lolicon bastard.”
Jiro: “Shut up! It’s all because you went back to a child that-”
Kanade: “Since it’s you, you probably had made a nickname for me? Probably something like ‘Derechuki’.”
Jiro: “Aaaaargh!”
Kanade: “Ara, I was just joking. Though it appears I got it right.”

Kanade smiled from the bottom of her heart. Jiro mentally farewelled to Derechuki & that he’ll never forget her.

Jiro wants to tell others Kanade’s back to normal, but Kanade says no. She thinks it’s more fun this way, watching them while pretending she’s still a child.

The ride’s over, and the sun has set. There’s still activities since this is the last day for the amusement park, things like masquerade parades and a fireworks show. Kanade will continue to pretend to be Derechuki and make a chance for Jiro to be alone with Subaru.

The other three finished their ride and came back down. Kureha & Subaru didn’t notice Kanade’s back to normal. Kanade got Usami & Jiro aside, asking her to not reveal Kanade’s back to normal and for her to help Jiro and Subaru make up.

Subaru asks what is Kanade saying to Jiro and Usami, and Kanade says it’s how to make Usami’s chest bigger. Usami denied she asked that, but then Kanade went up behind Usami and fondled her.

Afterwards Jiro asked Kanade if that’s going overboard, and she said maybe. Kanade wants Usami to use up that ticket she has though, she’s not happy her 8 year old version gave Usami that.

Kanade dragged the girls to the masquerade service, and had them all dressed up. Subaru now looks like a princess, and both Jiro and Kureha says it fits her. Kanade says Subaru should go to that parade, and Subaru went. Kanade then said now’s the perfect time for Jiro to go after her now that she separated Subaru from the others, and in Jiro’s dog suit he can join the parade with no problem.

Jiro asked Kanade why did she came back to normal after that kiss in the ferris wheel, and after a few moments she says it’s because she wants Jiro to spoil her more. Being Dark Kanade meant Jiro don’t look at her much, so she wants to stay as a child and be with Jiro more. She can’t stay as a child forever though.
Jiro thought there’s a paradox there, since if Kanade says she wants to be spoiled by him then why did she went Dark? Kanade told Jiro to go quickly and chase after Subaru, and he did so.

As he left he thought he heard Kanade say something: “Goodbye, Jiro-kun.”

He turned back, and Kanade is no longer facing him. She was turning away, and there's a lonely expression on her face.

Vol8 Ch5
Vol8 ch5
Jiro caught up with Subaru. A awkward silence popped up after he said Kanade said he can join the parade with her. Jiro is still feeling embarrassed from their kiss that time, and he doesn’t get why the after effects is so strong.
Jiro then requested Subaru to go on a date with him.

Even on a date, their relationship is still tense. Jiro’s nervous, and his mind flashed back to what Kanade told him: Even at this point he still doesn’t understand his emotions. Jiro thought back to his promise made back in April – his name meaning ‘stand by me’ from his father, and how he wants to one day be able to say that to Subaru.

Jiro asked Subaru why did she agree to come with him. Subaru said it’s because Jiro went on a date with Usami. Jiro explained that was just another treatment for his gynophobia, and the ‘date’ was him explaining things to Usami and her agreeing to help.

The parade started, and the festivities there is a huge contrast to how cold their surroundings seem to be.

Jiro finally apologised to Subaru for kissing her two weeks ago, since he didn’t get to it because he didn’t want to remember the kiss. He asked if they can make up and go back to how they were. Subaru replied in tears how can’t she not forgive him, and all this time she wanted to talk to him and talk things out but she was too embarrassed to broach the topic with him. When she saw Jiro with Usami on that ‘date’ she got irritated for some reason and made their situation worse.

Subaru smiled even while she’s crying. As Jiro is wiping her tears away with a handkerchief he has, he finally figured out his feelings while he saw her tearful smile.
He was about to give voice to that feeling when the fireworks started. And with that as the signal, so did the parade.

He called out to Subaru to get her attention, then he confessed that he loves her.

Subaru seemed shocked, frightened that Jiro confessed to her. The silence dragged on, then she finally looked him in the eye and gave her response…

Vol8 Ch6
Vol8 Ch6
Next day: Jiro went straight to bed after they came back from the amusement park, and after seeing his face Ichigo gave him a guest room rather than have him sleeping in the tent. Kureha came to wake him up for breakfast, and from what she says Kanade finally told everyone she’s back to normal.

Jiro demanded Kureha to perform wrestling techniques on him like she did every morning back home, and treat him like a sandbag. Kureha is surprised and shocked into going along with Jiro’s request. She jumped up from the table and landed down on him after a half-flip in mid-air, that's the most strongest technique she can pull off at this point (named Stardrop?). Jiro writhed in pain for a moment, then told her that’s not enough. Jiro asked for a combination move, and while Kureha is hesitant Jiro asked if that’s the best she can do, she finally agreed but says she won’t be responsible for how he ends up.

After a ‘Rannin Kusurii’ + ‘Northern Light Bomb’ + ‘Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex Hold’ combo, Kureha collapsed onto the ground, and asked if that’s enough – if she goes further Jiro’s body might not handle it. The room shook and it wouldn’t be surprising if the bed broke in half.

Jiro crawled back up, and told her that’s still wasn’t enough. He wants more, to the point it will be able to blow his memories away. Kureha got frightened by Jiro’s sudden, fanatical Masochistic tendencies she ran away, shrieking how Jiro has gotten strange and it was probably due to wrestling moves.

Jiro collapsed back onto his bed, as those moves by Kureha had still hurt a lot. He wanted to forget what happened yesterday.

Subaru told him ‘Sorry’. She’s very happy that Jiro thinks this way towards her, and she feels the same way too. However she says she can’t go out with Jiro. “For now”, she wants to stay as Best Friends as that seems like the best way at this point.

She can tell Jiro didn’t want to hear that after seeing his expression. She’s worried, and her eyes had unshed tears. Jiro didn’t want to see her cry, and told her it’s alright if that’s her decision. Subaru then ran off to the parade, not wanting to stay with Jiro. He wanted to join her, but can’t seem to move his legs. Jiro felt like a boxer after the full dozen rounds in the ring.

Jiro pondered Subaru’s words, and came to the conclusion she had never saw him potentially as a lover and that he’s Friend-zoned forever. Even she said that’s not what he wanted to hear, so he confessed and even got pitied upon by the person he confessed to.
Seventeen years of his life, Sakamachi Kinjirou have confessed for the first time and got rejected.

End Flashback.
Jiro writhed on the bed after reliving the pain of that memory. He knew he should get up and work like what he's supposed to do, but he doesn’t seem to have the energy. He don’t think he can perform his duties, and he doesn’t know how to face Subaru from now on; he hadn’t talk to Subaru at all after that confession.

He wants to go back to sleep, though he’s not tired. It’s running away from reality, but he thought maybe after he wakes up again the pain of rejection will heal eventually.

Ichigo came to get him, and Jiro notes she has recovered from her cold. She passed on the message both he and Kureha is fired. Jiro is flabbergasted, as they don’t have a place to go as their house is still being fixed up.

Usami then come in, explaining she’s the one that got them fired using the ticket Kanade gave her earlier. Jiro asked her why did she do that. Usami said they can come and live with her.

She then declared:

“Become a part of my family.”
*end Vol8*