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Rin is Disappoint.

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I've already asked for critical feedback comments on the thread for the fanfic itself, so I'll just get what's on my mind out here instead so I don't clog it up there.

And I guess I'll say that there's spoilers for the final part of Conception/Zero's Chapter 1 in this entry. You have been warned, etc. Let's roll.

I almost feel like the Tohsaka Bad Luck happened to strike me as I wrapped up the update. Everything seems right and fit for launch, then BAM there's a massive problem that I overlooked that screws the entire thing up. I guess the problem with beta'ing one's story with someone who knows the future events of the story is that they aren't giving those first-impression reactions that one might run into, huh? I guess that's the first lesson learned.

Holy crap did I not anticipate that the immediate take-away would be "Rin is dead! Not just dead, dead for reals!!" I've got big plans for Rin in the events to come, I don't know what would have been wrong with me if I actually went through with that. I'm sorry that it read the way that it did, truly truly sorry. ._.

I suppose further thoughts will be posted here, if not in the comments if anybody reads this. See you guys.



  1. Lycodrake's Avatar
    Well, I'm not sure how that was how people read it...
    I just read it as "Rin and Tokiomi are in for trauma 24/7 for however long they're in Alice's clutches". Trauma can't be done if they're killed. XP
  2. Seika's Avatar
    Is it necessarily bad that people came away with that impression? So long as it got corrected in the next update and you pointed out that we should have seen it coming, I wouldn't have been upset at all. Misdirecting your audience can be part of the fun of writing.
  3. Shinogu's Avatar
    Oh most certainly, in retrospect I suppose I was freaking out more than I should have been. Admittedly I was awake in the middle of the night when I had the update posted.

    New lesson learned then, huh?