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The Random Ideas and Thoughts of a Fellow Magus

The many ideas and thoughts of a fellow magus

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Alright I figured I'd try my hand at this blogging thing though I've prolly never done anything like this before. And what better use for it then to complain about problems and use it to store the many ideas that go through my head.

Let's see what to talk about... Oh I know how about imageshack. Stupid imageshack they have put a limit on the amount of pictures you can store and because of this I have to get rid of over 1200 pictures on one of my accounts and I don't even want to know what the other is going to be like. (Here's a hint, I have all the sprites on that one for my wiki.)

If anyone knows of a better image hosting site that has no limit I would greatly appreciate it but this is going to be a serious pain moving all this junk.

Hmm what else... Oh how about this, so I've been getting my idea spurts back after that crash in November. It feels great to finally be sending out more for the Type-Moon community to enjoy. I hope I can continue to do so in the future but as for current projects I shall be restarting them soon.

That should be good for now.


  1. Marth's Avatar
    Perhaps imgur would work better? It's about the only hosting service I ever bother to use, anyway. Dunno about their uploading limits, though, if they have any.
  2. Milbunk's Avatar
    Hmm I'm giving photobucket a shot now since they say that they have unlimited photo storage. I just hope that doesn't change in the future.
  3. Marth's Avatar
    From the imgur FAQ page:

    How many images can I upload?
    Infinity. Good luck trying to reach it, you never will.

    If for some reason you see a message that says your upload limit has been reached, then make sure you have JavaScript enabled and that you aren't doing anything fishy.
  4. Milbunk's Avatar
    Oh I like it when sites have that kind of attitude. I'll try imgur out for a while and see how it goes. I still have till March 1st to move my stuff so hopefully I'll be able to.
  5. Laith's Avatar
    Photobucket has a 10GB upload limit per month on free accounts and basically unlimited for paid ones. Free ones can't upload gifs and Files that are 10mb or more iirc so there is that too.