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Verg Avesta

Of Servants, Masters and writing

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After a week in the academy, where I practically did nothing, it feels somewhat refreshing to be back home. This also means I have more time to write, although some of it goes to my replay of Persona 3 FES and first playhrough of Dragon Age 2. However, I still should be able to finish the next update Somnium Summer Redux, although the woman-in-white is trying to drown it in "words-words-words-words"...

One thing I've noticed when writing Somnium Summer Redux is that switching to the more visual novel style of writing was a good choice. It allows me to write updates faster, but that does not necessarily mean shorter updates. In addition, dividing the scenes is now far easier, which should also make reading it much easier. Hopefully it is also enjoyable to read, and if it's not, it would be great if people said so. I can always switch the style, after all.

Speaking of Somnium Summer, I'm getting giddy using all these new Servants that I rolled to it. Most of the old ones were thrown away, and that means we won't be seeing guys like Abhimanyu, Conn mac Airt, or even Neferkaptah, who was quite interesting in the original story. Master illusionist, and all that. In any event, I don't think these new Servants are going to lose to the older versions, and even in Day 2 there are few chances to meet these new faces. Of course, it's up to readers if Rider will survive this encounters or not. We already died once to, as Spinach named him, totally-not-Roland.

I'm bit annoyed though, since I can't help to feel that the first post looks hella cluttered with all the information. If anyone has any good ideas of how to make it more simple, or another way of storing all the profiles, info-snippets and that stuff, they are more than welcome to suggest.

Oh, and Karin's going to get new clothes in Day 2. Stay tuned~


  1. Tobias's Avatar
    ever think about using spoiler tags?
  2. Verg Avesta's Avatar
    Why? There's nothing that spoils, there.
  3. Sherrinford's Avatar
    Personally, I like the VN style of reading/writing.

    For the informations... other writers with a lot of infos created threads ad hoc for them. I'd say it's the only alternative to dedicating a post only for the info (which wouldn't change much from having everything in the first post). Dunno what you will do.

    ^ prob. he's saying spoilers may help avoiding wall-of-text. But once you open it, it's still "cluttered".
  4. Marth's Avatar
    Wandering in to say that awesome smug avatar is awesome. As is the pic it comes from. :3
  5. Tobias's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sherrinford

    ^ prob. he's saying spoilers may help avoiding wall-of-text. But once you open it, it's still "cluttered".
    ...right, this. you dont have to use spoiler tags just fr spoilers, you can also use them to create compartments. so if someone once to go to rider's page, instead of scrolling through several pages, you just go down half a page and click his tab.
  6. Verg Avesta's Avatar
    Aah, I see, I see. Misunderstood.