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Adopting Stories Redux

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So, I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but awhile ago I made a blog post talking about how I was considering adopting stories. Supposedly I was going to continue one of Leo's stories, but sadly he never handed me the notes for it. :/

Since then, I've gone through some ideas my friends had and mused on them a bit (they had a lot of stories...). Eventually, I settled on one and I'm determined to write it out! Granted I'm a little wary of doing so since I've got three of my own works I've yet to work on... But I can safely say working on this will likely come easier than anything I've done by far.

Anyways, look forward to it! :P

Story Title: Fate and Fantasy
Original Concept: Revy
Tags: fanfiction, Sei


  1. Seika's Avatar
    Oooh, looks interesting just from the art. I hope you have fun writing it, and get on well!

    But if I might widen the perspective, I'm worry about adopted stories in general. I trust you to get it right and to break the mould, as it were, so please don't feel that these apply to you, but random author #9933434 doesn't get that trust or consideration. A little list of pitfalls and reasons:

    1) Why did it abandoned in the first place? If it was such a good idea, what stopped the original author carrying it out? If they got bored, that's probably not a good sign. If they've reconsidered the quality of the idea, that's a problem too. Even just not having time can be indicative of a difficulty - ideas churned out by someone who's constantly leaping from one project to the next can be of a lower quality.

    2) Why is someone picking it up? Most authors have their own ideas - that's why they're writing to begin with. What's gone wrong with them such that they've ended up using someone else's layout? Are they perhaps unsuited to writing in the first place?

    3) The clash between the original author and the adopter. Sometimes you'll find that the original author has come up with ideas that the the adopter doesn't like. Throwing them out can damage the story as a whole. A clash of visions in general is very likely to throw a story out of whack. There's also the potential problem that, the adopter not having come up with the idea itself, they're less invested in it. That may lead to abandonment (again) or a lowered standard.

    4) Personal experience - I have never read a story which proclaimed that it was adopted and which was both good and complete. Never.
  2. Sei's Avatar
    Not really worried about any of those things.

    Most of the stories I've looked at simply died off due to time constraints and lack of free time. So the ideas are good, just couldn't be completed.

    I picking up stories off of people I know fairly well, so synergy between ideas isn't so much of a problem. Not to mention I can always ask them what they think about it. And then, once the story is adopted, it's no longer the original person's work. *shrug* The problem most people have in terms of this is trying to pick up random works they followed off of random people they don't know.

    And really... I wouldn't exactly say is the best place for quality fanfiction in the first place. There are good works, sure, but they're in the minority.
  3. Five_X's Avatar
    Supposedly I was going to continue one of Leo's stories, but sadly he never handed me the notes for it. :/
    Leo no baka!
  4. Theocrass's Avatar
    Not to discourage you or anything, Sei, but I've just never seen an adopted story work out or done well.

    Not to say that you won't be fantastic.

    Just ... concerned.

    No, maybe that's the wrong word.




    I hope you prove me wrong!