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Kara no Kyoukai: Almost done!

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So now I've finished everything Kara no Kyoukai-related that was on the PDFs that What's-His-Name (The one now translating Witch on the Holy Night) gave out. Of course, I still have Mirai Fukuin to read. When I'm not busy doing other stuff, I'll get right on that.

Best parts were 5 and 7. Should be obvious. On my trusty 0 to 10 scale of quality, this series, depending on the scene, ranks anywhere from 7 to 9. At its best, I like it more than the Hisui route of Tsukihime and the Fate route of FSN. (I am always going to give Type-Moon shit for that.) And at its better moments, I liked it more than the first half of Fate/Zero. As I've said before, Shiki and Mikiya have great chemistry. And, well, I kind of liked Enjou too. And Leo, if only for how fucked up he got. There were a few good characters.

But, I just got back from Aniplex, and I checked the anime trailers again . . . I've changed my mind, I don't wanna watch them anymore. The animation isn't that good, and to be perfectly honest, Yuki Kajiura is not the "god-tier" composer everyone makes her out to be. And given what I've read was cut out, I think I'll manage.


Oh yes, remember how I was talking about how Nasu seems to write girls better than boys? Well, if I count the whole Nasuverse, my top five favorite characters are all females. It's not until you get to spot #6 that you finally see a penis wielder. Observe: #1: Arc. #2: Akiha. #3 Rin. #4 Ilya. #5 Shiki Ryougi. #6 4th War Rider. #7 Waver.


While I've been spending most of my writing time writing my next ebook for self-publication, I haven't given up on my Nasuverse fic yet. I have been working on the final chapter, and it will feature characters I haven't written in a fanfic of mine yet.

Oh yes, I have mentioned two so-called "plot bunnies" for future fanfics in the Nasuverse. In time, if I'm bored enough, I might actually get around to doing them eventually. Of course, the first one I'd do is the parody "Rider and Waver (Not a Porno)", which, in case you forgot, is basically retro 60s Batman, but with Rider playing Bats, and Waver being Robin. I still haven't decided on a Joker analogue yet . . . Gilgamesh, maybe?

I'd do that idea first, since my other concept, a redux of F/E, would require a lot more effort on my part. I have decided on one new thing for this other idea. I know there are AU versions of Fate characters in F/E. While my redux concept would focus mostly on OC Masters and Servants, I already know who the homeroom sensei is gonna be. Hint, it's someone who doesn't know how to use phones. That should be some good fanservice if I ever write this idea out.


  1. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    You will cry when you read Mirai Fukuin and wonder why the OVAs didn't have that as their epilogue.

    Also, I call absolute bullshit on your opinion of the OVA. It is seriously one of the best series-to-animation adaptations I've ever seen, except for the aforementioned Book 6. And the music does indeed set a nice tone in some parts... ironically enough, my favorite opening is probably Episode 6 (followed closely by Episode 4). Granted, there won't be much "new" since you've read the books, but really, it's a lot easier to get someone into the Nasuverse by having them watch those OVAs than it is to track down PDFs.

    It's also the only way you'll get to see official Fujino boobs.