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Thoughts of a Protagonist


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I can't put into words exactly how happy I am that the weekend has arrived, as this whole past week of my life has been a rather painful one, for a variety of reasons that may, or may not, involve my High School. But putting those annoying memories in the past, I shall find something else to talk about today, just to get myself in the habit of posting on this blog on a daily basis.

So... I dunno...

Uh, writing RP snippets seem to be what I'm known for, so I'll talk about that for a bit.

Firstly, I write them simply because I find the experience to be rather enjoyable, as I can freely move my characters about without having to wait for a GM. (You see, a small thing like Canon cannot hold back the might of the Snippet!Verse.) It also lets me get a bit more practice writing the characters themselves, helping me to better understand how their personality works, how they would react in a variety of situations that may or may not ever actually occur in the RP itself.

It also lets me make fun of all the characters in a good natured way, exaggerate personality traits in an attempt to be funny.

And, snippet writing is a great distraction during the more boring parts of school, though I find it easier to type on a screen than to write everything out in pen. Don't know why, but I just prefer using a keyboard when I write, regardless of what I'm actually writing...

Hmm... I just remembered something as I was typing this...

I haven't actually started on my entry for the fan-fiction contest yet...

Procrastination is a hilarious thing, and it's one of my most obvious flaws I suppose, but eh, I still have time xD

Oh man, I suddenly had some flashbacks about NaNoWriMo, I STILL HAVEN'T EDITED MY BOOK YET!


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  1. Lianru's Avatar
    Lucky you, looking forward to the weekend. ;_;
  2. Ace's Avatar
    I feel your pain bro, I haven't started editing my NaNoWriMo either. ;__;