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Asian Logic, Why Does It Still Confuse Me?

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So I've had a weird week.

Last Monday I ate something bad and had mild food poisoning for the next five days. Then I had signed up for a religious retreat over the weekend. It was a last minute thing, but as i had nothing else to do, my parents pushed me to go. So I did.

I came back Monday evening bone weary. I had somehow been wrangled into joining the staff and doing gopher work as well as assisting one of the leaders watching a group of teenagers. So I had to join staff meetings and make sure the kids got up extra early for the morning exercise stuff.

Nothing too bad so far, but my dad decided to ruin my week for reasons I'm not too sure of.

So I had food poisoning last week and I missed our early morning run on Tuesday and Thursday I was still a bit sick so I went with him, but walked instead of ran. I also missed Sunday's run because, well Retreat.

Monday night, I had gotten about six hours of sleep total over the weekend and I didn't feel like waking up at 5:30 in the morning to run the next day. So when my dad asked me if I wanted to run, I politely said that I was tired from the retreat and I didn't want to wake up early. I would run later, but I wanted to sleep in.

He then decided to blow up at me. Declaring that I was trying to avoid work and yelling at how I was being disrespectful. Claiming that I was faking sick, and making up excuses to run with him. He cited the sickness, the retreat, and my tiredness.

He has been angry with me since. Giving me the cold shoulder and taking my chores when I've been doing with statements like "Go rest, it's all you seem to want to do anyways." That and he has taken my Laptop hostage.

That last part has been bothering me a bit. That was my laptop, not his, not a gift from him, it was from my own money and some extra from my brother for by birthday and christmas present. Knowing my father's moments of rage, I'm kind of scared that I'll find it broken in two pieces in the basement or something. We haven't really talked, so I don't know the status of the missing laptop.

So I've been a bit confused about this bit of anger but I've been dealing with it well. I've been doing my chores extra early so he can't take them and get even angrier at me for not doing them, and giving him some space. But I am still just really confused here.

I have never faked sick before. Not even to miss school. Hell, I've gone to school with a pretty high fever because no one was home and my dad would have gotten mad if I called myself in sick. So I don't really know where this came from. I used to have a bad habit of making excuse to procrastinate, but I've gotten a lot better about that this past year, so I'm wondering why my dad decided to get angry now.

The food poisoning stuff he called out for me when I was bedridden tuesday, and he was the one that wanted me to go to the retreat.

So... in all honestly, What the hell?

Anyways, I just wanted to get this off my chest. If you actually read all of my whining, you really have too much time on your hands.

Later ^_^


  1. RadiantBeam's Avatar
    I clearly have too much time on my hands.

    Honestly, all I can say is just ride it out. It sort of sounds like for some reason your dad was looking for a reason to blow up at you, and saying you didn't want to run did it, so at this point all you can really do is endure it until he calms down.

    Unless you want to try and ask him about it, but considering how he's acting I'd be a little hesitant about it myself.
  2. Heroslayer's Avatar
    Yeah, I'm going to try to ride this out for a few more days before talking to him. He's been a little stressed since he's going back to school to become a nurse so I don't really want to make him angry again.

    I just hope he hasn't smashed my computer.
  3. Aiden's Avatar
    Well, if he did... what can you do about it?

    Besides that it's destruction of property, but that's getting into really shaky territory and I don't think you want to make a family issue blow up any further than it already has.
  4. Lianru's Avatar
    Your dad sounds like my mom. Just wait it out until he calms down, hopefully it'll get better.
  5. Mike1984's Avatar
    Well, if he has smashed the laptop, then that is totally out of order and you should demand that he buys another one. Hell, even if he hasn't it's still totally unacceptable. That laptop is yours, not his.

    People seem to think that being a parent excuses behaviour that would otherwise be totally unaccaptable. Taking someone's laptop because they pissed you off would not be acceptable in any other environment (just like beating someone with a belt would not be), so why should it be acceptable from your father?
  6. Lianru's Avatar
    It's the asian logic. Asian parents, um...let's just say that it's a bad thing to question their decisions about anything. It may not be fair, but it's true.
  7. Ruu-tan's Avatar
    Follow what Lianru said: Wait till the storm passes.

    Parents in Asian culture are practically your boss for life. Best not to push your luck even when they're in the wrong, however frustrating that is.