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Thursday. Wait-

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Today I thought it was Thursday. But then I realized that it was actually Friday. And that made me a little happier.

But then I realized that it being Friday brings me that much closer to Saturday, which will be long and tiring. And then it will be that much closer to the end of the weekend and I will have gotten no work done.

And then Bloble made my brain hurt, so it's hard to think right now.

I feel so random.
(did you know that germinated beans smell like TEMED? I had to do that for an experiment and it sucked because I didn't want to breathe)

Tell me if I'm doing this blog thing right.
Tags: derpiness


  1. Counterguardian's Avatar
    It's Saturday in Australia.
  2. Lianru's Avatar
    Yeah, I know. But it's Friday for me.
  3. Counterguardian's Avatar
    Damn it Time!