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Should I consider myself lucky?

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I used to play Magic the Gathering with my friends back in high school, and recently I had cause to look at the Wizards of the Coast website for something. While I was looking for the piece of news I was after however, I happened to note that the latest set had been released. Out of curiosity I looked at some of the new cards, and I fell in love with two of them.

Emancipation Angel

Restoration Angel

So, acting on an impulse that may have been brought on by some of the flu medication I'm taking, I went down to the local card shop to get a hold of these two cards. Unfortunately, these two cards are popular for some reason, so I had to resort to buying booster packs to try and get them. In the end I only managed to get two Emancipation Angels, and had to give up after opening up seven boosters. The thing is though... I ended up making some people who were also in the shop insanely jealous because I got:

2 x Cavern of Souls
1 x Entreat the Angels
1 x Tamiyo, the Moon Sage
1 x Champion of Lambholt

1 x Zealous Conscripts
1 x Otherworld Atlas

Apparently, the top 4 cards are among the most valuable of the rare cards that you can get from this set, and Cavern of Souls is a 'must have' for tournament players. Two people even asked to trade, but they didn't have Restoration Angel either... Should I consider myself lucky for apparently getting $200 worth of cards after spending $40?


  1. I3uster's Avatar
    Cavern of Souls is so goddamn broken, I can only speculate they didn't even think what kind of impact it would have on Vintage and Extended.
  2. Neir's Avatar
    I miss the good old days.

    *played in Unlimited, 4th, Ice age, etc*
  3. food's Avatar
    Get them out of your hands fast, while they are hot (preferably into cold, hard cash).

    Values of popular cards plummet when a new set comes out, and plummet even further when the set they are in rotates out of the legal block.