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Some stupid fight that happened on the way to the store.

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Hi I'm leon4281

Or just call me Leon.

I just had a pretty crazy moment today besides the usual. I was walking right down to the store Dollar General and I see a crowd full of people, apparently there was a fight going on, most likely over something stupid. There were a few words, then the humiliating end that started after three seconds. Well i forgot who was fighting, some black guy and hispanic guy, and apparently the hispanic guy gets knocked out in one punch....


No wonder why my parents moved into a convenient neighbor with some good air, to be away from places where there tends to be most trouble, it reminds me of a several school fights that I was a witness too. Not too much but I have gotten tired of people fighting over stupid things.

I just walked away when the fight was over and down, got what I needed from the store, and went another way back home, why?

Because I'm not gonna walk down the same path as those idiots who just fought and then something probably happens on that street later on that I do not want to witness ever. I just want to go home and enjoy a snack and drink, reading a VN.

Unfortunately for me, that's the only thing that happened today and probably for the entire week and that wasn't something I wanted to see. Why is this world being so stupid at times.

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