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Hall of Dead Muses

Storm Aftermath.

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Well, me and my dad are on better terms again. We're talking now. Though unfortunately, it took me getting the flu and being bedridden for it to happen.

He came up with some weird reason about me not studying all of a sudden and told me that he's worried that I'm falling back into bad habits.

Now there is a reason for that, mostly because I got failed out of my first college through a combination of depression from my Grandfather dying and my parents making me miss the funeral and wake to stay at school and me well, not being ready for college.

So, me going back to bad habits is a problem. The part I don't get is that I'm on summer break. I have nothing to study, so why the heck is he so worried.

Oh well, I'm just going to go for it. I'm not getting my laptop back for a while (he said he "threw it away, its gone" but I'm hoping he was just being dramatic) but I have been using it a lot more than is healthy. So meh, I'll just nod and listen.

As for my writing. Well, all my notes and stuff are on my computer. My timeline, plot threads, and even what I had written. So I'm probably going to be on hiatus for a little. Sorry, but that's life.


  1. Mike1984's Avatar
    Wait, he claims to have thrown away your laptop and you're fine with this?

    Wow you're forgiving....
  2. Ligerleon89's Avatar
    Take your time. Relax as much as needed before you do your stuff out there. I'm sorry about hearing about your grandfather. I had my share of funeral as well, Aunt Jennifer passed away two months ago. She was very awesome in many ways.