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These chicks dont even know the name of my blog....

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.....actually, I just wanted to start a blog with that title, but I dont really have anything to talk about.

, how are you?


  1. food's Avatar
    I want my 2 seconds back for clicking and reading your spam post.
  2. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Not much.

    In ur base, seducing ur Taigas.
  3. Sei's Avatar
    Yeah. I'm raiding your fridge.
  4. Tobias's Avatar
    There is like 3 beers and an empty thing of Chinese food. Have at it.
  5. RadiantBeam's Avatar
    I'm good, you?
  6. Sei's Avatar
    Meh. Someone is willing to pay for a beer and I can easily roll by McDonalds.

    Glass half full. >.>
  7. Tobias's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RadiantBeam
    I'm good, you?

    broke for a few weeks after my cat turned up snake bit, other then that, no problems.
  8. TetsuoS2's Avatar
    I'm slightly sick.
  9. ZidanReign's Avatar
    If you give me your prostate I gladly will give you all of teh moneyz.
  10. KENTA's Avatar
    I'm fine. Everything's fine like wine.