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Verg Avesta

Harder Better Faster Drunker

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So yeah, Verg was drinking again. I wonder what's up with that. Drinking. Especially how often I do it. Sometimes I think it's a problem, sometimes I think it's the greatest thing in the world. Then again, it never causes real problems except hangover, so it tends to be alright? I guess so.

I love to visit this place called Vihreš Haltija (Green Fairy) near my place, which sells all sorts of rare beers and drinks. One of the best things is that you can get non-generic-liquor-store absinthe from there, but that means I'll be tasting it very clearly next morning. Good though.

Usually my nights end up in this night club called Ruma (Ugly), which is pretty much the best place in city. Full of great music, I know half of the people who frequent there, and I know the bartenders by name (and they pretty much always know what I'm going to order before I say it), so it's a perfect place to get completely plastered.

So yeah, that's usually Verg's night in nutshell. Might visit some other places, like BRA or Freetime, but they tend to places I visit with some special people.

But daaaaaaamn, there was a good-looking redhead today in Ruma. Too bad her friends dragged her out of bar when she wanted to leave with me. ;_;


  1. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    Ouch. Harsh, Verg.
  2. Tobias's Avatar
    I can't stand nightclubs. I actually tend to like the music they play, except there is always some fucking subwoofer killing my eardrums. That and I always feel like I don't belong, for some reason. I can drink till I can't stand, but if it's a club I still can't relax. I always feel like I am one bad tip or bored bouncer away from getting chucked out and told to not come back.