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668 - Neighbor of the Beast

I did this just so I could have the 666th Blog Entry.

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Nobody really vindicated nonsense quite so ridiculously.


  1. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    Boy, won't you be embarrassed if they decide someday that the 616 interpretation is correct. /notsrs
  2. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Won't matter to me. Both are equally silly.
  3. Five_X's Avatar
  4. Alyeris's Avatar
    How do you even count blog posts???
  5. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Along the bottom of the forum listing?
  6. Mike1984's Avatar
    Well, the number assigned to your blog by the numbering system is 715, so I think you've got it wrong somewhere down the line :p
  7. Flame's Avatar
    This is the first blog:
    This is the 666th blog:

    First page is unreliable or I'm missing something.
    Updated June 5th, 2012 at 10:43 AM by Flame
  8. Five_X's Avatar
    Yes, poor Darples. You are 715.
  9. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    The discrepancy, however, is due to deleted blog entries, which do not count.

    I am the 666th blog entry that stuck. Therefore, I am the 666th entry.
  10. Seika's Avatar
    It's very tempting to delete a previous blog just to move you down then ...

    (Though, seriously, we've lost ~50 entries from 720 total? That's a pretty big drop-out rate. Why so many deletions?)
  11. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    People being dramatic and deleting their posts later. One person is notorious for it, though I won't name names.

    Also, if you do that, I will find a way to make you kneel before me, Seika. Do not test Darples.