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Thanks for the tips, guys!

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Lol. So, yeah... I think I've been playing Persona for almost 24 hours straight...

But yeah... I was just happily farming exp and going up as many levels as I could in one go, then boom. Mitsuru goes off an says, "I detect a strong presence" and I have no idea what I was thinking when I sought it out. I think I was all like, "Cool beans. A rare enemy." Pfft, nope. <_<;

Needless to say I lost some stuff, but I was cool because, hey, it was my fault for being an idiot.

...But then it happened again... Not because I was being stupid. But because I was happily minding my own business leveling, while humming "hump de herp derp derp", when the bastard spawned on top of me. Of course I ran, but I had to go around a corner to get away from him. And for some unholy reason, Death has this massive aggro-attack range. So yeah... stomped again. >_>;;

Regardless, game is hell of fun. Right now I'm sitting pretty at level 28 (likely overleveled) and I just finished the second full-moon boss fight. Trying figure out a good support Persona to use alongside my Hua Po, Jack Frost, and Yomotsu Shikome.

Anyways. That's all for my hype dump. :P

Oh, and for veteran players, should I be leveling Orpheus? Something tells me he's important, so I don't want to use him to make another Persona.


  1. ZidanReign's Avatar
    Wanna make it worse?

    Imagine if Clint Eastwood Voiced Death with his Dirty Harry Persona.

  2. lantzblades's Avatar
    Oh, and for veteran players, should I be leveling Orpheus?
    depends on which version of the game you're playing. he's mostly useless except to fuse with thanatos to form messiah

    he has a time limit trigger
  3. Irothtin's Avatar
    Don't bother leveling Orpheus. Fuse that bitch.
  4. virzi's Avatar
  5. MZeroX's Avatar
    since you're playing portable, just level things until you get the skill card. then fuse everything until you get a lulz demon that supports everything. Much easier to do since you can force skills on them with a skill card.
  6. Laith's Avatar
    Orpheus is persona fodder. There is no important persona, and if you are 5+ levels higher than the Persona levels, its time to fuse.

    Also, The Reaper has a target limit of like 10 minutes or so per floor. This is cut in half, three quarters on rare rooms. And I hope you are making use of the infirmary after every Tartarus raid when you are tired. Three free courage boosts are nothing to scoff at.
  7. Flame's Avatar
    1. Orpheus is one of the most important personas in the entire game, but in a metaphorical sense only.

    2. Save a lot. You won't die a lot, but it's easy to die in the game and it's especially frustrating when you've grinded for several hours.

    3. If you plan on two cycles then play freely and don't consult any walkthroughs. On your second playthrough, use a guide to max all S. Links because it's quite tricky to max the S.Links w/o proper planning (at least in the FES version)

    4. If you get sick always stay up late so that your character stays sick for longer periods. Why? Because you can speak to the nurse everyday to get a free courage boost that don't cost the day.

    5. DO NOT PLAY THE ANSWER. Just Youtube it.

    6. You'll come across "Ruby" items in the game. Save them for the Armageddon skill card.

    Here's something I did in my P3P playthrough:
    Save up all boost cards you get and never use them -> Maximize Magician Arcana as soon as possible -> Get Surt (lvl 50 something Magician persona) -> Buff the hell out of him with the boost cards (focus on Magic) -> Get Maragidyne on Surt -> Give Surt Auto-Tarukaja -> Equip Auto-Sukujka -> Start every battle with a Maragidyne -> OHKO battles for several floors

    Surt also learns Ragnarock which is a very nice way to OHKO (or cripple) enemy bosses. Especially so if you have Mind boost.

    Those are some basic things, but its best you experience the rest for yourself.
    Updated June 7th, 2012 at 12:02 PM by Flame
  8. Irothtin's Avatar
    I completely forgot about the Infirmary thing. Yes. Abuse that.