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High School DxD - Lethum Edition Part 01

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Wow! Well, this anime seemed quite formulaic from the summary, but not so much that I didn't check out if there was a manga around. Since there was, I checked it out.

It was nice! I was happy! But it wasn't anyone's priority, it seemed, and it lagged behind. Because of that, I just left the series slide for several weeks. It was only lately, when I checked the appropriate forum in BL for some reason I can't quite recall right now that I decided I'd watch the anime. On the first instance, I intended to just watch the episodes online by streaming, but the lack of episode 6, which was (mistakenly, of course) implied to be out by now, and the fact that the first place I found with episode 1 only had the first 12 minutes of the complete video, led me to download the episodes directly to my computer.

After finding a good place, I began downloading the episodes one by one, even as I watched them. Sadly, the downloads for episodes 3, 4 and 5 were interrupted before they were completed, leading me to have to restart them from scratch. As one might guess, they were not torrents, and the servers the episodes were available for download were not particularly fast, so...suffering.

Anyway, after finally downloading episode 5, I found out it had kick ass codecs that made purple stuff show up in my video, so I installed the K-lite codecs I'd downloaded months ago and that had been just laying around on my folders in order to see it. When I wanted to download the sixth episode, I downloaded it in low quality at first, but as soon as Hadena released the high quality one, I got it.


The fanservice was nice, the beating in the first episode felt more like a call out to traditional/older "It's different if girls gang up on and beat women!" anime than an actual gag. The plot was engaging enough for me to enjoy the series even without the fanservice, and the main character was just good enough to sympathize with.

The girls?

Rias is a riot. And hot. And, without having read the translated novels, or watched more than the fansubbed episodes in English, I'm smelling myself an arranged marriage. It must be the OP, I'm thinking.

Yuuma was cute. And reminded me of a character in an eroge.

Short haired glasses girl who shows up in an early episode and in the OP is not yet plot relevant (until episode 7, according to the episode 6 preview). We'll see.

Akeno is hot. Somehow, her being S makes me want her both more and less.

Koneko is cute. And has a kind of predictable personality I'd enjoy better in person. But cute. (Don't call her chibi)

Kiba is giving off signs that he could be a bro. Here's hoping.

Asia is moe. A good rendition of the "kind hearted, somewhat naive good girl," IMO.

Finally, RHyuudou Issei does not seem too competent or incompetent. I support your Harem plan young man, or even any single 1 on 1 pairing this Ligh Novel might leave you with.

You want my thoughts on any anime episode? Really?

Then send me the torrent, and I'll give it a spin. I can't promise that the review will be long, but it will be honest, at least.

See you around, Internet Cowboy~