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Jumping Right Around.

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So as you may have noticed, I'm out of school for the summer and the writing still hasn't picked up too much, not counting the stuff I post to my drabble dump. A large part of this is because of the organic chemistry class I've been auditing, but it's also had to do with my thoughts lately, and my decisions of where to go from this point in my life.

I've wanted to be a vet ever since I was a kid, so when I got old enough for college it seemed natural to choose animal science as my major, with a focus on pre-vet. That scenario kind of got shot in the foot when I realized I was good at all the wrong classes. I could ace a writing class, but I sucked at math and science no matter how hard I tried at it. My GPA is way too low to consider for any vet school, and even when I pour my all into science classes I'm barely scrapping by with C's and D's. It's a bit demoralizing, quite honestly.

I got to thinking a lot this summer, after I got back that D for the second half of my chemistry class, and the thinking got worse as I audited organic chemistry. It made me remember back when I was a sophmore in college, and how my gut instinct was to change my major, because I was beginning to think I wasn't cut out for this. I'm a writing person, someone who does well with media and thought, not a science person.

But in the end, I listened to my father and pushed through it for another year, and I dearly regret that decision now. On the other hand, I probably should have had another major to consider for him besides psychology.

No offense to psych majors or anything, you guys are awesome.

In any event, I did some running around my campus today and I've got an appointment with my dean tomorrow to discuss my options at this point; I'm thinking it's about time I took a shot at what I'm good at, instead of struggling with something I'm never going to get. Currently my thought is a journalism major, with a minor in animal science since I have the background. And I was going to graduate late anyway, so I have time yet.

I'll make my decision after tomorrow's meeting. One of the prerequisites I need for a journalism major is open for the third semester of the summer, and still open. So if I decide to go to journalism, I'll be trying to get into that.

We'll see how it goes.

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  1. Heroslayer's Avatar
    Good luck. I had similar problems my first year. Went from a business major to Secondary Education. Though it took failing out of the college of business to do so *winces at the memory*

    I say take a shot, but make sure to do all the research before making a decision.
  2. Aiden's Avatar
    You... probably shouldn't have listened to your father there. No offense to family, but when you're deciding on the course of your future like this, you really need to stick to your strengths and go with how you feel about things.

    It's good you're looking into your options, though.

    Let me know how things go in the meeting, once that's all said and done!
  3. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Good luck on the change in majors. They say the average college student changes majors three times, and I know I certainly have (I'm currently on my third one).
  4. Crying_Vegeta's Avatar
    Why do you hate science so much?
  5. Elf's Avatar
    Good luck Beam, and I hope you can choose what's right for you. Also, you could always be a copy editor for a textbook company.

    And hey, Crying_Vegeta, some people are NOT good at math and science. I'm good at biology and gemology, but anything with math I freeze up in sheer terror. Ironically, my father is a toxicologist, nurse, and was a research biologist for 14 years before becoming a nurse. (Yet he did not want me perusing a medical field.)
  6. Theocrass's Avatar
    Math is my greatest enemy.
  7. Crying_Vegeta's Avatar
    I would have thought beartraps were.
  8. Theocrass's Avatar


    I barely ever fall for those.


    Really, it rarely happens.

    Sort of.

    ... they're really hard to spot. ;_;
  9. Crying_Vegeta's Avatar
    : (