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So it turns out my dad isn't quite as okay with my thought of changing my major as I initially thought he was yesterday, as he made rather obvious over breakfast this morning. By shouting.

Now, I can understand his concern, his worries. He's been unemployed for three years, the economy sucks, and we've had to take out loans to be able to get through college, which means debt. And he's worried because a BA is less respected than a BS in the world, which I admittedly can't argue with too much. I mean, he's scared, I get that. But I don't quite appreciate it when he's showing it by shouting in my face about how the only reason I'm not getting good grades in the sciences is because of my internet life, when he knows damn well that I've struggled with math and science ever since elementary school.

He was also under the misconception that I was changing to journalism because it would be easier. Which, um, no, I'm not. I looked at the classes required, I know it's going to probably be just as hard as the science major. But it's one thing for it to be hard when it's a class I have a history of being horrible with, as opposed to hard when it's a class that I've always managed to get A's and B's in before and feel fairly confident about.

I mean honestly, one of my friends switched from animal science to photography. Switching over from the sciences to the arts seems pretty popular these days.

In the end, I finally snapped and yelled back that the only reason I stuck with animal science up until this point past my sophmore year was because he wanted me to. Hell, auditing this organic class was his idea too. That seemed to shut him up, for better or for worse.

Also yes, I should be auditing that organic chemistry class right now, but fuck it. The mood I'm in I'd just glare into space, and the lectures have been in one ear and out the other for me for awhile now.

In the end, I dunno. I feel kind of bad that I said it to his face like that, but I think it finally got the message across to him that I don't want to stay in the animal science major anymore. I mean, if I go where I want to with this, I'll still have the degree as a minor, which could help me in terms of salary.

So yeah. That was my morning. The day is off to such a great start already.



  1. Theocrass's Avatar
    *Hugs Beam.*

    Sometimes you gotta get things out in the open like that.
  2. Heroslayer's Avatar
    Sorry. I was kind of expecting something like this, but I'm sorry you have to go through this.

    I do admit that a lot of people go from math and science to the arts. A lot are like you were parents chose their original majors and they found that it isn't what they want to do for the rest of their lives. So your not alone.

    Hope it gets better.
  3. TetsuoS2's Avatar
    Well, I hope your father will see that what you want matters someday.

    Good Luck.
  4. ZidanReign's Avatar
    That's what I keep thinking that might happen to me, what if I can't do Information Technology Major like my Mom says I should and my Dad (R.I.P) said I should take.

    What if something happens and I wanna go over to something in Drama and pursue Voice Acting?
  5. R.Lock's Avatar
    That's definitely not nice that it had come to such a conflict of interests but well... What's done is done, isn't it?
    I beieve the choice on the matter of your major is up to you, not to your parents. If you feel that choosing journalism over veterinary is better for you, then go for it. Just give it a little more thought.
  6. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Jeez, and last night we had a positive conversation about this and everything. Sucks that your dad didn't see it eye-to-eye after all.

    Parents want to foist their unrealized dreams on their kids, is what I've found. Your dad is pushing hard because he wants you to have a better life than he did, so I can see where he's coming from, but he also has to acknowledge that ultimately, your life is yours to live. Therefore, you should do what makes you happy - don't live for others.

    If that means you have to swallow some poison, so be it. But I wouldn't want to be lying on my deathbed, regretting my life - even if it was successful - because I lived someone else's dreams, and not my own.
  7. Aiden's Avatar
    ... ugh.

    Well, yeah, what Theo said. At least it's out in the open now.

    Here's hoping it doesn't strain things between you two too much. And, again, if you want to talk about it later...
  8. Neir's Avatar
    Honestly, a BS is not really more respected than a BA. I've had many a discussion with many people on this on both sides of the issue. It's hardly a difference.

    But just as hard as science majors? what
  9. Mike1984's Avatar

    I was under the distinct impression that a science degree was generally more well-regarded than an arts degree, although it does depend on the particular field.

    Having said that, the degree title isn't necessarily meaningful by itself. Hell, I have both a BA and an MA, due to Cambridge's rather retarded degree-naming and awarding system (specifically, every batchelor's degree is a BA, and you get an MA for free six years after you started...). Oxford is the same, too, I believe (certainly in terms of handing out MAs for free).

    But, regardless, Beam, you should do whatever you want to do. It is your life, not his.
    Updated June 29th, 2012 at 01:34 PM by Mike1984
  10. NewAgeOfPower's Avatar

    Shit happens.
  11. Moczo's Avatar

    I wish I hadn't had to find this out from your blog.

    You know you can tell me these things, right? *hug*

    Sorry about the explosion, and hopefully a new major brings better fortunes in school. You have never liked the sciences, I know that. A course study you actually enjoy ​can make a world of difference.
  12. Aiden's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Moczo

    I wish I hadn't had to find this out from your blog.

    You know you can tell me these things, right? *hug*

    Sorry about the explosion, and hopefully a new major brings better fortunes in school. You have never liked the sciences, I know that. A course study you actually enjoy ​can make a world of difference.
    In order: You and me both.

    And yeah, same amount of effort in a subject you like somehow works much better than it does in a subject you don't.