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Power Outage

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Man, this storm that blew through really roughed up my street. The poor old couple across the street now have a new addition to their the form of a hundred-something year-old oak tree. I lost trees as well, including my favourite beech, thankfully they didn't hit the house at least. ...Though a large branch did knock a few roof-tiles out of place, but we were intending to get a new roof anyway.

Power was gone for at least thirty-six hours...we lost nearly everything in the fridge. The house was a sauna, and the cats started to melt. There was no power to be found for miles, the whole area was out. So I couldn't just go to a cafe and use the internet there. Traffic was horrible without the lights at the intersections...the morons. Though there were quite a few people that were polite in that instance.

My pet frog was happy with the humidity, so that was a plus.


  1. ZidanReign's Avatar
    Well you know what they say,

    Riding out storms is the start of becoming something more than man.
  2. Ligerleon89's Avatar
    I had a streak of storms in Virginia in Hampton Roads. one day, I dealt with power outage and it lasted for about several hours until morning, the next day at the same time as the first one which is midnight, I had severe thunderstorms and hail...

    Nature is an powerful force indeed, and we're not the only ones who had some hits with nature.

    I'm glad to see you and your frog is okay Alulim.
  3. TetsuoS2's Avatar
    That feel, man, at least, you're fairly safe.