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Ce n'est past un nom

It's announcement day!

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  1. KENTA's Avatar
    Never was too into Hearts of Iron, but fuck yeah Rome II!
  2. Five_X's Avatar
    Europa Barbarorum has ruined RTW for me. I just can't play the original game anymore. It's so... lacking. :|

    Hopefully Creative Assembly steps up their game for Rome II and learns from EB and stops making so many damned historical errors, too. Of course, by then, I'll probably be playing EBII anyhow. :P
  3. SeiKeo's Avatar
    Look, this is going to be Shogun 2 on a bigger map with Romans with some familial stuff from Crusader Kings, basically, sound good? That's if you'll like the game or not.
  4. Five_X's Avatar
    The problem is, CA's already showing their old slant towards Rome, and from what it looks like they're going to make the same mistake as last time - adding a bunch of Roman factions, and not doing much with the rest. The original RTW was pretty much all about Rome. There were other factions, but they were kind of disappointing and plain, even bigger ones like Carthage.

    In comparison, EB makes nearly every faction unique, with a huge unit roster (far larger than what CA usually does) and excellent balance and a great number of factions.

    And the map may be bigger, but that's not going to change much; EB the original expanded RTW's map north, south and east, and EBII is going to expand the east even more into India. The original RTW went no rather south than Egypt, and no farther east than the Persian Gulf.

    I'm sure CA will have plenty of cool stuff in store for Rome II, but I'm really unsure of whether or not they'll be able to match what the Europa Barbarorum team does. Unless they learn from EB's successes, I doubt they'll make something that can beat it, especially not EBII. Plus, there's the fact that, while getting prettier, Total War games haven't been that great since M2TW. Even Shogun 2, which is ridiculously pretty and cinematic, is far from perfect as a game.

    I'll definitely try it out, of course. But I'm not sure if it can match the high standard set for Rome games by Europa Barbarorum. Given that the Total War team has recognized EB before, I don't doubt that they'll at least try.
  5. Ligerleon89's Avatar
    I haven't done these kinds of games in forever, which the very word of just saying forever is just saying too much. I'll be sure to check the game out when I get it.
  6. Five_X's Avatar
    Naval battles will be fuckyeahawesome, though. That I can be sure of.
  7. Ligerleon89's Avatar
    I love naval battles..It's so rad. XD.
  8. ZidanReign's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by leon4281/Maxthehedgehog
    I love naval battles..It's so rad. XD.

    Naval Battles.

    Hyuck Hyuck Hyuck
  9. Alyeris's Avatar
    Forget that. X-COM is due in a few months!
  10. ZidanReign's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Alyeris
    Forget that. X-COM is due in a few months!