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Theory on Nameless Fate/Extra CCC Servant

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What evidence could you possibly have when all we have is a picture?
A screenshot and a bit of research. Most of which is guessing.

My original guess was she was a Caster from her appearance. Then, I found a Screenshot that showed her as a potential candidate for a Lancer Class...

Based on that alone, you still dont have much on who she is. So, I decided to go on the idea she may have been a Lancer. I went searching for the name of Lances/Spears of history. I found the following object...

Used by Izanagi and Izanami to create the Landmasses of the World. Still not too much evidence. Then I thought about it a little more. If you think back to the days of said God and Goddess, she had died and been sent to Yomi. ((Essentially Hell.)), Izanagi went to retrieve her, and was ordered not to look back for if he did, she would turn ugly. Sadly, he couldn't keep himself from looking back at her. If you think about how early in time this was, Izanagi could have found her ugly because she gained the horns, tail and claws ((I say claws cause her fingers may be such.)) She would potentially retain those features as a Servant as well. Now comes the part of her being a Goddess. Well, easily solved when you notice that Twice Summoned a Saver/Savior Servant, who happened to be a Diety as well. =/

I needn't say again, this is merely a theory I have.


  1. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Certainly an interesting theory, but that weapon could also theoretically be something else... unlikely, but possible.

    Also, of course, one doesn't necessarily have to use the weapon like it "should" be used; both Archers use swords like arrows. It may entirely be possible that this character is indeed using a spear in some unorthodox way... and that assumes it's a spear, at that, and not some kind of staff weapon or something else.

    That said, I would say that this character is unlikely to be any of the three existing classes; we know we've already got a Saber, an Archer, and a Caster, so Caster is likely out. Lancer is a distinct possibility, but I would say that a Rider isn't out of the realms of it, either. Assassin and Berserker are far less likely.
  2. Amazigh's Avatar
    She's not designated as Playable from what I see, and with the fact that there are 128 participants of the Grail War, she could be potentially of any class the makers want. o.o She could even be Temptress Class if they wanted, like Arcueid should have been, but thanks to her Master, was turned into a Berserker. My guess is she's Dark Sakura(?)'s Servant. But you do make a good point.

    Thanks for your input. =) I appreciate it. ^_^
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  3. Tobias's Avatar
    Wasn't arc supposed to be "funny vamp" and the TL guys just botched it?
  4. Amazigh's Avatar
    That was the original Wikia post for her. So, I dunno what happened. o.o But it's now designated "Temptress". =/