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Nothing but darkness

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I just had to get this out before I go crazy with this repeating constantly every night...


Why…? Why is it so dark here, in my own world? I reached out a hand only to grasp thin air. Here, in a place of darkness, there is nothing. No sound of companions breathing, no warmth from their bodies, indicating life, nothing. I took a step forward, going further into the darkness. I didn’t know where to go or what to do. Even in my own mind, in my own world, everything is filled with an everlasting void.


I woke up finding myself curled into a ball on the ground. There were traces of tears on my face as if I had been crying. I looked around the dimly lit room finding that I was alone once again. I lowered my face and looked at my trembling hands. What is happening to me? I wondered. I had a family who raised me and friends that care for me. Then…why?

Why had I been dreaming about nothing but darkness and void? It was almost as if the people around me did not exist. It was almost as if everything that they did for me was an illusion that could be shattered easily. I shuddered at the thought. I got to my feet and forced myself to rise. But I fell to my knees again as soon as I took a step forward. I felt vulnerable and wished for nothing more than someone to be here, by my side, comforting me.

I considered calling my friends for a chat to get this out of my mind. But one glance at the clock told me it was far too late to be making phone calls. I also wanted to ask my parents for comfort but somehow, I felt that this was not appropriate. I couldn’t just stroll into their room and demand attention in the middle of the night. Instead I put myself into my bed and closed my eyes again, feeling the cold air seep into my skin and the loneliness that washed over me, knowing that the dark world still awaited me.

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  1. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Sounds pretty chilling. If life is pressuring you hard, especially lately, something like this sounds to me like you're not really getting many breaks from it.

    That said, perhaps talking about it with your parents, or with a counselor or something, may help, especially if this is a nightly ordeal.
  2. Neir's Avatar
    Therapy is recommended. I say this not in the way of 'lol u so crazee' but as the son of a psychologist who has seen the results of treatment (and dude, there are some crazies. I have stories.).