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"But Roogie is fwiend"

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So last night I had an incredibly random dream...

It was Tohno Shiki and Ryougi Shiki living together in a small apartment. Ryougi is eating cereal and she sees Tohno walk by snapping a face cloth in his head. She then says to Tohno that he better not be putting that face-cloth into the hamper. He replies that he is because it was left of the shower floor.

She gets angry and tells him not to because they are almost out of clean face cloths and it's not laundry day (tuesday) yet. He tells her that he doesn't care and puts it in the hamper. Ryougi gets up from her breakfast and goes to retrieve the face cloth.

After that she goes back in the kitchen and see Tohno eating her cereal. She tells Tohno she had enough and that they will have a duel to the death. She pops behind the wall and begins to meditate. Tohno stands up takes off his glasses and grabs a butter knife from the drawer. He turns his back to the wall and the two have a stand-off old west style.

While Ryougi is meditating the room turns red and all the furniture turns white and little paper-like flakes come of them and flow to her. A giant ass sword forms from the paper into her hand.

She and Tohno have an epic stand-off for a few moments and then for some reason Ryougi can't go through with it and she runs to the door of the kitchen and says to Tohno.

"But Roogie is fwiend"

with an incredibly sad you-just-kicked-the-puppy dog face on.


I don't really know anything about KnK or Tsukihime and I really don't know why I had a dream about it either. But it was an entertaining dream none the less.


  1. Neir's Avatar
    Sounds like married life to me.
  2. Kotonoha's Avatar
    Haha what
  3. SeiKeo's Avatar
  4. Gabriulio's Avatar
    lol whut?
  5. Ivan The Mouse's Avatar
    It might be a metaphorical interpretation of Maaya Sakamoto and Kenichi Suzumura's daily life after their marriage.

    That, or you just found your OTP.
  6. Lilirulu's Avatar
    @Ivan The Mouse: ????
  7. ZidanReign's Avatar
    Shiki Tohno and Shiki Ryougi's Voice Actors are married in real life.


    Just whut.

    This makes all the sense.
  8. SeiKeo's Avatar
    More like Mikiya's VA.
  9. Ivan The Mouse's Avatar
    Suzumura both voiced Mikiya and Tohno Shiki, if I am not mistaken.
  10. ZidanReign's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LeopardBear
    More like Mikiya's VA.
    Same Difference. Since Tohno is expy.
  11. terraablaze's Avatar
    What did I just stumble upon and how?
  12. ZidanReign's Avatar
    terraa... why are you commenting on a almost year old blog and how did you EVEN end up here