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Nuclear Contemplations

Nuclear's Toilet Seat of Heroes: A Reference Index for my Creations

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  1. Vagrant's Avatar
    Good job. Glad to see someone finally thought to archive all their bios in a single index. I wish I'd been smart enough to do that.
  2. Vagrant's Avatar
    Also I believe you're missing your Waifu here.
  3. Nuclear's Avatar
    If you're referring to Jeanne, I didn't put her here because I forgot. Also I have a waifu?
  4. Vagrant's Avatar
    Her class was Waifu, I thought.
  5. Renko's Avatar
    I can't help but notice a number of filipino heroic spirits here...

    Glad that other cultures get a shot.
  6. Sunny's Avatar
    This is a nice idea and motivates me somewhat to get a list of my own in order (assuming i remain motivated when i actually get home). it's an interesting variety of cultural choices, so far, though i refrain from comment on Japan's representative Saver.
  7. Nuclear's Avatar
    I have a tendency to go for obscure profiles so I can say, "Hah! I made a sheet for this guy first!" But in exchange, they're really weak (aside from Baldr and Hod).
    Updated November 2nd, 2021 at 11:50 PM by Nuclear