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  1. Yu – Gi – Oh!: The Meta Game and My Opinions of It.

    by , May 10th, 2018 at 02:16 AM (Almost Every Topic Under the Sun)
    So, we are now on the last leg of my series of Yu – Gi – Oh blog discussions. Before anyone can burn me for this, I would like to inform you that the following paragraphs are taken from the viewpoint of a casual player who faced the meta plays too many times to count in a browser game.

    Also known as me.

    So now I can start my views and opinions in peace.

    Meta game. Where will I start?

    Back in the days where tribute summoning trumps any other special ...
    Tags: Fun, Game, konami, meta, yugioh
  2. KAIZA in New York!!

    *party whistle*

    Yep. For just three more days, but I'll enjoy it for what it's worth. And hey, I'll be staying at a friend's house, visiting lots of new places, and if possible, spending money on stuff (that's not games).

    Also, got these on my first day:

    Should I try getting Hollow Material (it ...
    In the USA
  3. My Eid Day!

    Well today was Eid in Glasgow(It varies by a day or so through the world due to differences between the lunar and solar calenders). For those of you who don't know Eid is the celebration that happens at the end of Ramadan. After my morning prayer I went to visit close friends and family.Although I'm not that religious it was still a good excuse to dress up nice and go eat at a fancy restaurant.

    Altogether I had fun today, spending time with my family and talking to relatives etc. ...
    Tags: eating, Eid, Fun